Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Roger Dodger

One of our first projects we wanted to do to Hullabaloo was repair the brown, cracked windows on  the side of the dodger. You could barely see through them and they were so dry that just touching them would make chunks of the plastic fall off. Since we'll be moving the boat about 175 miles from Charlevoix to Muskegon....in the middle of May...in Lake Michigan, we knew that we'd definitely want this fixed before making the trip. Nothing could spoil our maiden voyage more for me than being wet and cold for the entire trip, I'm wimpy like that.

Fortunately, the big front panel was in great shape so we only had to replace the smaller square panels and round windows on each side. We hired a local canvas shop to do the fixing since we lack the necessary equipment, plus we got a great deal. Now that the dodger is looking less trashy presentable again we're one step closer to getting her home...if only these last 2 months would hurry up!

One of the formerly offending windows 
These little ones were the worst!  

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