Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Countdown to SPLASH!

As of right now Hullabaloo will be going in the water on Friday! And if everything goes as planned (read: Ron gets home from work in time) we'll be there to watch it all go down.  We plan to spend the weekend, sans Lexie, doing some cleaning and organizing and getting settled in.  As long as all systems are working properly we'll also try and get her out for our very first SAIL on her.

Excited doesn't even begin to explain my state of emotion. I've already gone crazy with lists; what we need to buy for this weekend, what we need to pack for this weekend, what we need to specifically inspect/measure on the boat...oy, I may need another stack of post-it notes!

We then plan to get the boat to her new home in Muskegon over Memorial Day weekend with the help of our friends Jerm and Angie.  I'm still a bit shocked that the time is nearly here after that long, cold, dismal winter that felt like it would never end.

Looking forward to views like these on Hullabaloo in the next couple of weeks!

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