Friday, June 21, 2013

Moor(ing) Is Less

When we tell people that we keep our boat in Muskegon a lot of people get curious about the costs of such a set-up.  Considering that we have areas down the Lake Michigan shoreline where renting a slip seasonally in a marina can run anywhere from $4,000-$6,000 each year (yow!) and some places requiring you to actually buy your slip, which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, people are right to be curious about how we manage keeping Hullabaloo out by the big lake, especially those familiar with my budget-minded self.
The anchor on the left is the State Park, the anchor on the right is where we're moored
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Fortunately we stumbled upon our marina through our friends Matt and Jessica who kept their boat on a mooring (and whom we bought our current mooring equipment from). They were nice enough to fill us in on the price of mooring, which happened to be about a third of the cost of a slip at the same marina and way less than slips at other marinas.

Our marina is a no-frills marina; we have no pool, the showers are luke warm on a good day, and you won't find fancy landscaping anywhere. But what you will find is an affordable marina that is known world-wide for rigging and sailing with helpful staff to answer questions about all things sailing related, a few industrial barges, one of which is aptly named "Anchor Yanker", and a great sailing community.  Perfect. I'd hate to loose valuable time on the boat because I was lured to a cool pool and an open lounge chair. No siree, that desolate gravel/pavement parking lot/yard offers no such distractions, thankfully.

Plus, let's be honest, if we had to dish out a couple grand every year to keep our boat somewhere I'd be not only bitter about it but probably too cheap frugal to want to spend more money on the boat or doing fun things that cost money. And forget about booze, that certainly wouldn't be in the budget then. Needless to say we found a great marina for a great price with exactly what we need and nothing we don't that allows us to maximize the fun. I like fun.

What we like
  • The price
  • The dog friendly atmosphere (even in the ship store) and dog run on shore
  • Location-just around the corner from the channel to Lake Michigan
  • The privacy on a mooring vs. slip
  • The people-no stuck up yachties here!
What we're willing to deal with for the sake of what we like
  • Having to load/unload the dinghy to get to/from the boat
  • Having to lug the outboard motor and gas tank back and forth from home every trip
  • Us and our stuff getting wet going to/from shore (sometimes)
We think we found a pretty good place to call home for the next few years.

No need to shell out the big bucks for views like this. Actually, the view from our mooring may have even been better!

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