Monday, June 17, 2013

Reaching New Heights

This weekend we had more visitors on the boat! Well, technically Aaron and Jerm both have seen the boat and been on it as they were with us when we went to see her for the first time (and Jerm made the maiden voyage with us) but we had visitors none the less. 

It really worked out quite well that my brother was able to make it out this weekend as: 1.) our anchor light was out at the top of our 50ft mast 2.) he has previous climbing experience and gear and 3.) he is part monkey and can climb/traverse pretty much anything, including but not limited to trees, Las Vegas hotels and radio towers. But no one is suposed to know that, it's a secret.

Anywho, what better time to send someone up the mast than when we've got two more strapping men at our disposal to test our luck (or mostly my brothers)? Plus we really wanted to get that light fixed so we could start staying at anchor over by the State Park.
"Do you think this will hold"?

Let the chaos begin!

It doesn't look THAT high...from the deck
 After Aaron retrieved our 'faulty' anchor light from the top of the mast (keep reading for details on this) we took of for a perfect sunset sail. Winds were about 10kts, the water was calm and the sun was shining. Besides being a little chilly (for me) and coming a little close to a fishing boat this was a great evening.
"I think this is the first time my boat shoes have been on a boat" -Aaron

My boat shoes are prettier ;)

Apparently the captain is also a master photobomber, who knew?!?

Lexie's new perch
 On Saturday after Jerm and Aaron left, we ran to the ship store and picked up a couple anchor lights. Now it was time for me to haul the captain up the mast, which probably explains why he's been extra nice to me recently.  We have some massive winches on our boat, I guess that's one nice thing about buying the boat from an older gentleman, there are plenty of things to help make sailing this boat easy. But could we use one of those monsters to make my job of winching Ron up the mast easier? Heck no! The angle for the line combing through the rope clutch didn't work so I had to use the smaller winch (although still plenty big, just not as big) under the dodger.  That is hardwork! It's a good thing Ron had climbing gear that he could help pull himself up the main sheet or he may have needed a lunch packed for him. Fortunately the system worked fine and he went up and down without anything eventful happening...except a couple good waves that apparently feel much larger at the top of the mast.
Okay, this might be a little high
 After all of the high-flying excitement we'd had over the last two days wouldn't you know that the new anchor light still wasn't working! At least we knew the bulb was good now. So Ron got down to business playing with utilizing his new multimeter that he just had to have in case a scenario like this should pop up. In a nutshell: The anchor light wasn't working due to a loose connection at the base of the in just under the floorboards, not 50ft in the air. Who knew? Guess we do now. Besides, the boys still had fun playing around and now we have gear to go up the mast in case there is ever an actual need to do so.
The loosely-connected culprit
 Now that the anchor light was fixed we planned on spending the night out anchored in our usual spot.  However, soon after we anchored and got cozy the wind started kicking up and coming from the exact wrong direction. It got bouncy and blustery and since we were planning to get up early and head home to celebrate Father's Day with our families we decided to just head back to our mooring, which also just happened to be sheltered from the winds in a calm bay. Lame. Oh, well, we'll be back on anchor getting our shine on next time.

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