Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Short But Great Weekend

Up the mast one more time
A few weeks ago we had a canvas company come out to the boat to measure it for a bimini; we knew that the summer heat would soon be in full force and we wouldn't have anywhere to go to get out of the blazing sun without it. This week we had to make an extra trip to the boat on Thursday so we could move the boat to a slip so the bimini frame could be put on. We arrived Friday afternoon to the frame being attached...no biggie, we waited for a half hour or so then loaded our stuff on the boat. From the dock. No loading the dinghy, riding to the boat and lugging everything onto the boat. That was nice. We had everything on in just a couple minutes and we were throwing off the bowlines in record time. Did I say that was nice?

We went over to the State Park and anchored for the evening, or so we thought. At around 10:30pm as we were getting ready to go below we happened to notice that we (again) couldn't see our anchor light on the mast. Now, the light actually sits in the middle on top of the mast so we can't see the bulb itself but we can usually see a little glow after dark. This time, nothing. We did our usual on-off-on-off test but couldn't see a thing. Ron checked the wiring at the base of the mast and everything looked good there....hmmmm. So we did the only thing we could; we hauled the anchor and made our way back to the mooring for the night. I couldn't see a thing and was pretty sure we'd be bouncing off boats to get to our spot. I blame the bad night vision and the old presecription on my glasses, not to mention the bright lights on shore that really threw me for a loop. At least Ron knew where we were at, I thought we were a ways down from our mooring not coming right into it. Good thing I was not at the helm.

I think my point was made that we need a good spot light on board. I've been telling Ron that we need one but he didn't seem to think it was too urgent. Until tonight that is, when we were coming into a pitch black mooring field and I had to use a hat with a built in LED light to try and find our ball. Luckily the week before we had put some reflective tape on the buoy that we grab that is attached to the lines, it was just enough to catch the light.

The next morning Ron went up the mast again and found that the light was actually on and functioning but the bulb had turned black (possibly a bad seal?). So we replaced the bulb and went on with the weekend. Maybe buying the cheapest light bulbs wasn't the best idea, we'll be splurging for an LED light as they use less power and work for much longer.

The Stepmonster and Lex soaking up some sun
 After more anchor light expeditions and catching the pump-out rush hour, we headed back to pick up my Dad and Stepmonster (an affectionate name, I promise) who were coming out for the first time. Thankfully it wasn't blistering hot and there was a great breeze. I was worried that my dad, who is infamous for his intolerance of heat (and us with no bimini), would be hot and miserable all day. But really, they couldn't have picked a better day to come out. High 70s, winds around 10kts- a little chilly for me at times but everyone else seemed to be quite comfortable, and dare I say, even enjoyed the outing. ::Insert sigh of relief here:: What a great day!

For a big guy, he can still clear the rails pretty well!

Seeking shade

A few good sunburns later, we were ready to relax...in the shade. We left Sunday morning since Ron still had a 6 1/2 hour drive to southern Ohio for work that afternoon. Well, that plus I'd gotten enough sun on Saturday to hold me over for another week.

I'm classy, and I have the hat to prove it.

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