Friday, July 5, 2013

UNcommon Sense

"Everyone OK? Good, great, grand, NO YELLLING ON THE BUS BOAT!!
 I'm not going to lie, there have been times when we've docked Hullabaloo while 'verbally expressing' frustration and anger with eachother. Nothing quite like pulling up to a dock while looking and sounding like abnoxious and inexperienced boaters, huh?!? Kidding, it's never been that bad. But bad enough.

It has become obvious that what Ron and I consider to be common sense are not only very different things, but his ideas appear to be totally UNcommon. Ron, having a lot of experience with operating and docking pleasure and commercial boats, assumes that what he would do given a curcumstance is what everyone should do and if they don't do just that, said person clearly has their head lodged securely in their sphincter. With the boat, this person usually turns out to be me, if you ask Ron. Cue the yelling and arguing....NOT good.

After one particular dockage in some decent wind that could have gone smoother, it became very evident  that we had differing expectations. When Ron asked me why I didn't do something that was common sense, I had to point out that just because he 'knows' something does NOT make it common in anyway. That would be like me expecting him to come to my work and give shots...just because it's like second nature to me doesn't mean that everyone else knows how to do it. Aha! I think I just finally got through to him. After cooling down a little and further talking, the solution to our problem seemed pretty obvious: we needed to stop assuming/guessing what the other would do and start COMMUNICATING. What a novel idea, huh?!?

We've gotten pretty good at mooring but we're still learning on pretty much everything else (ie. docking and anchoring) to a degree. Wait, let me rephrase that: I'm still learning how Ron expects things to go. I've started to, and will continue to, ask him "What's the plan?" when we have to do something that I'm not 100% clear on. We make the plan together and AMAZINGLY, things go much smoother than before. Although I'm still waiting for Ron to start talking about 'the plan' without me asking, we do have a system that (mostly) works for us now.

We also have a firm no yelling rule on the boat that helps us to solve unexpected issues better and faster....but boy, sometimes I just really want to have a good scream to relieve some frustration.

We're no longer the screaming idiots pulling into the dock*...we make a plan, get on the same page and look like pros people that have some idea of what we're doing.
I don't think this was in 'the plan'

*We were never screaming idiots, just not very organized in our approach.

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