Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Crossing Back

St. Martin Island Lighthouse
 We left Fayette under motor power in nonexistent wind. Once we got past St. Martin Island and some nearby shoals and got further out in the lake the winds picked up enough to motor sail fast enough to get rid of the millions of little bugs that had covered the canvas. Before we knew it the wind was pushing us along at 6kts without the engine...yeehaw!
What a gorgeous day
Ron's helm hump: cushion, fender step, blue chair. Guess we don't need to blow big money on an actual helm hump!

A good way to pass the time...soaking up some sun
 As we got nearer to the Manitou Islands the winds continued picking up and the sailing got fun. We crossed between them doing 7kts at a 20 degree heel. What a great way to end our crossing! We anchored for the night at South Manitou then headed down to Frankfurt.
Frankfurt, we have arrived!
Although this day was nice, the next day was forecasted to have high winds and unfavorable seas. With this we planned to hunker down in Frankfurt for the next two days before heading home to meet up with some long lost friends.

We anchored just outside of a mooring field (consisting of 2 moorings) that was right in front of a public/dinghy dock. Perfect. We were right next to the shops and boutiques that make up the cute town of Frankfurt. Besides the cuteness of the town, Frankfurt has BEACHES! Something that I didn't realize I'd missed so much until I dug my toes into the sand. But best of all, Frankfurt is a very dog-friendly town. They had bag dispensers left and right to "pick up after" our pets, which we also used to restock our own dwindling supply. Frankfurt even has a special beach area for pets, a place where "you're responsible for your own pet" and they can run, swim and play all while off a leash (gasp!). After not being able to really stretch her legs for a couple days, Lexie Tore. It. Up.

Cuttin' loose
Frankfurt-one of my new favorite places.

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