Sunday, August 25, 2013

We made it!

Home that is. Eleven days after we took off we managed to make it safely back to our home port. And it's sweet to be home, somewhere familiar, with space to roam. Being able to tell people about where we've been isn't bad either, especially when it causes them to look at us like we just came back from a trip to the moon. We got a lot more experience under our belts too - navigating, anchoring, docking, doing all three in a nasty storm, sailing/motoring in big seas and wind, and seeing what it's really like to live on a sailboat (at least for 13 days). And I have to say: I LOVED IT! Sure there were times where I was on the verge of barfing or just sick and tired of rocking and rolling for extended periods of time, but it's funny how your mind is able to put those times in the far reaches of the back of your mind, leaving the great times crystal clear and the first to be remembered.

Not bad for a couple of rookies, eh?
We ended our trip in one of the best ways possible - with a long awaited reunion with friends we haven't seen in over a year. We wouldn't have had to wait quite so long if they hadn't stood us up in Staniel Cay but that's neither here nor there now. I'm totally kidding. Having the chance to spend an evening with these two made us more than ready to come home. We spent a fun evening eating, drinking, catching up and even snuck in a slow relaxing sail before having to part ways again. It's funny how with some people, even if you've only actually met them in person 4-5 times, you can immediately pick up like you haven't just spent the last year apart.

At least we know it won't be another year before we see them again - We have plans to meet up with them in January again, wherever that may be. Except this time we're going to wait until a couple weeks before we go to get our tickets...lesson learned last time. In the mean time, I'll sure miss these two!
Although the reunion was short, it was a BLAST!


  1. Ha, I wish we took more photos that night, but it was such a blast! I CAN NOT WAIT until our next reunion in January! I hope it's someplace that you'll enjoy coming to, wherever it is, haha.

    1. This was the ONLY picture I did that happen?!?! I can't wait for January either, no matter where we end up we're going to have a

  2. Do you want to use any of my photos for that day? :) I know, I'm SO excited!!