Monday, September 30, 2013

Closing Up Shop and Peeing in the Cockpit

 I've gone to that dark, depressed place that I'll spend the winter in.  We spent our last weekend on the boat for the year...major sad face.  The boat won't actually be hauled out and put on her cradle for two weeks yet, but Ron left yesterday for work for a few weeks so we had no option but to start shutting her down.  We cleaned, emptied the water/waste tanks and winterized everything except the engine.  Fortunately the marina is going to haul her out for us and I won't be forced to go there myself and try to dock the boat alone.  Just one of many things I need to get better at...or even try!
We took the sails, dodger and bimini off and stored them below until we can get back with Ron's truck to bring it all home.  I went through each locker and wiped everything I could down with a water/vinegar mix to hopefully impede any mold growth and we packed up every morsel of food we had on board. 

We had to take off Sunday morning and so decided it would be best to do our final pump-out on Saturday, which left us running to shore for potty breaks.  No biggie, at night I don't usually have to get up at night to go and we made one last run after dinner.  We went to bed listening to the wind raging through our rigging, waiting for the forecasted rain.  Ron promptly fell asleep and I read for a while, then I layed there listening, once again unable to sleep.  At about 3am I couldn't hold it any longer and woke Ron up half joking, "I have to pee....real bad. Are you going to run me to shore or make me pee in the cockpit?"  He told me to go in the cockpit.  I knew I should have made more of an effort to operate the dingy motor this summer.  In all fairness, he would have taken me to shore if I really wanted him to, although as bumpy and windy as it was, I'm not sure I could have made the mad dash to shore.  So the cockpit it was.  In the wind.  In the rain.  With my hoodie on and just enough light from shore to see what I was doing.  Despite the toilet paper being drenched from the rain, I'd consider this endeavor a success!  And probably just the first of many such stories.  I apologize for not having any photo evidence of this occassion.  Ron offered.  I declined.  I guess we can check of another milestone now??

All stripped down for storage :(
We have plenty of projects to keep us busy throughout the winter, maybe they'll help the winter go by a little faster than the last.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Time Flies

 Where does the time go?!?! Five, yes FIVE, years ago Ron and I were married.  Sure, it's not 15, 20, 30 years, not even close, but it sure doesn't feel like five.  In a good way.  I guess that must mean we're having fun, and I sure won't deny that!  So just to be a little reminiscent here's a few pics:

The BEST Man of Honor...although he can be a bit pervy at times :)

Reception at an old mill

 Sorry for the photo overload, I couldn't help myself.

This is a bit of a special anniversary because it's the first that we'll actually spend together.  You read that right, the first.  For our first anniversary Ron was in Florida for 4 months at dive school and since then he's been travelling for work since it falls smack dab in his busy season.

Sometimes when we tell people that we've never spent one together they're rather....well, appauled.  For us it's no big deal, it's really just another day.  We always get to talk to one another on the day and I'm not much of "hey, it's our anniversary, let's use it as an excuse to blow a bunch of money on eachother" kinda gal.  Unless it's something for the boat, then I'm all about it.  I don't even want flowers, maybe there's something's wrong with me.  Ron would be more than happy to do something special but I'm kindo of a Debbie Downer must be.  Although I do have to say that we do count our winter vacations to warm places as part of our anniversary gifts to eachother (and birthday and Christmas), so we're not total deadbeats.

I'll actually be a little sad to let go of our tradition...that's weird isn't it?  It's just fun to be a little different I guess.  But we're going to out in style...we've got a hot date planned for tonite...somewhere nice for dinner (I hope I didn't just blow your mind!).  Probably not Applebee's, but you know, somewhere real nice :)

So here's to an end of one era and the continuation of a life full of fun with the BEST husband ever!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Teak Tweak

I LOVE the teak'd out cabin of Hullabaloo, it's one of the major reasons we intially liked her so much.  It just gives the boat that 'sailboat' feel.  It pretty much makes up the entire cabin other than the countertops and a tiny bit of wall space in the galley.  Oh, except for the carpet on the ceiling...weird I know, but I am actually quite fond of it now. But that's a story for another time.
Lots of love and teak...and a little carpet...on the ceiling

Some people say that teak is a lot of maintanence, and on the outside it can be but on the inside it's really pretty easy to care for.  For whatever reason the previous owners sealed most of interior teak with high gloss polyurethane. As in, the galley, nav station and salon were all sealed but the aft quarter berth, hanging lockers, head and v-berth were all left unfinished. Over the summer we'd just wiped on some Old English to give the teak some of it's color back.  It worked great and made the cabin smell fruity and we could have kept that up once or twice a year as needed but instead decided that it would be a good idea to put polyurethane on the rest of the unfinished teak as well.  Particularly in the v-berth where the sun coming through the hatch was fading a chunk of the wood.  Ron also went around a put another coat on the teak around the ports and hatches as those tend to see the most sun.
Sealed (left) vs Unsealed (right)
Poor, faded teak

Ron loves tedious, slow moving work. And I love being around him when he does it.
 We may have had a couple of good fume-induced headaches at the end (even with hatches and ports open), but we got it done!  We'll add another layer or two to some areas then turn our attention to the sad, sad teak outside the companionway.



Monday, September 9, 2013

What About the Winches?

Remember these hogs?
Our boat came with some seriously way oversized winches. These self-tailing Lewmar winches sure make pulling in lines and trimming sails a piece of cake and we're so lucky to have them, but at sizes 52, 44 and 30 they are expensive to replace. As in, collectively they cost more than my car. Yeah. They're by no means new but they're still in great shape, and we aim to keep it that way. The very top is made of plastic and is starting to show some sun damage and when it rains water gets into the winch and pools in the bottom, that just seems like an issue waiting to happen. Most people in our area don't have winch covers but with our plans to head to sunnier locations, and no budget to replace these tanks, we decided to make some winch covers ourselves.

We took some precise haphazard measurements and bought some Sunbrella fabric that matches the other canvas on the boat and for the price of ONE winch cover bought online, Ron was able to make all six. Yes, I said R-O-N. He took home-ec in school (I took advanced biology and physics). Suffice it to say that I'm severely sewing-challenged and his knowledge is turning out to be more useful than mine at this point. Go figure.

The scene I walked in on one day after work

WAY better than I could do
He even put in an elastic band that will help hold the cover on if the weather is less than ideal. Last weekend when we went to the boat we put them on and they fit great! Because the covers aren't super fitted, we decided to tie some sail ties around each one to make sure they're all still there when we get back in a couple weeks. Yeah, Hullabaloo looks classy now...of course I forgot to get photo evidence of this.

At least they'll be protected from the elements from now on. I just hope we don't have any surprises when Ron takes them apart, inspects them and services them this fall. For real, it's called "servicing the winches".

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Boat Withdrawls

After spending two weeks on the boat, shoreside happenings kept us off the boat for two weeks. We had a couple weekends packed with wedding showers, surprise birthday parties, a wedding, and while all these events were still missed Hullabaloo.  Fear not, we got back out on her this weekend, if only for one night.

Ron's brother and nephew and my brother and sister-in-law were all able to make it out for a fantastically relaxing day on the lake. Not bad considering there was a 50% chance of thunderstorms ALL day long. Once again, way to go weather man. At least this time it worked out in our favor.

We ended up getting hot enough to bob around and swim for a bit too. What a concept! Swimming for the fun of the middle of summer...crazy. Don't get me wrong, it was a little more than refreshing and I didn't stay in too long, but it was long overdue.
We finally got to use the rafts for the first time this year!

It took a little coaxing to get my Sister-in-Law in

But it worked!

Relief Captain Dizzy
Lex cooled off too
I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by, it's quite depressing really. Especially considering that we won't be out on the boat again for a couple weeks - Ron is going up to my dad's cabin in the Upper Peninsula to go bear hunting for a week. By the time we get back on the boat we'll only have a couple more weeks to be on the water before we pull the boat...that will be a sad, sad day.