Monday, September 30, 2013

Closing Up Shop and Peeing in the Cockpit

 I've gone to that dark, depressed place that I'll spend the winter in.  We spent our last weekend on the boat for the year...major sad face.  The boat won't actually be hauled out and put on her cradle for two weeks yet, but Ron left yesterday for work for a few weeks so we had no option but to start shutting her down.  We cleaned, emptied the water/waste tanks and winterized everything except the engine.  Fortunately the marina is going to haul her out for us and I won't be forced to go there myself and try to dock the boat alone.  Just one of many things I need to get better at...or even try!
We took the sails, dodger and bimini off and stored them below until we can get back with Ron's truck to bring it all home.  I went through each locker and wiped everything I could down with a water/vinegar mix to hopefully impede any mold growth and we packed up every morsel of food we had on board. 

We had to take off Sunday morning and so decided it would be best to do our final pump-out on Saturday, which left us running to shore for potty breaks.  No biggie, at night I don't usually have to get up at night to go and we made one last run after dinner.  We went to bed listening to the wind raging through our rigging, waiting for the forecasted rain.  Ron promptly fell asleep and I read for a while, then I layed there listening, once again unable to sleep.  At about 3am I couldn't hold it any longer and woke Ron up half joking, "I have to pee....real bad. Are you going to run me to shore or make me pee in the cockpit?"  He told me to go in the cockpit.  I knew I should have made more of an effort to operate the dingy motor this summer.  In all fairness, he would have taken me to shore if I really wanted him to, although as bumpy and windy as it was, I'm not sure I could have made the mad dash to shore.  So the cockpit it was.  In the wind.  In the rain.  With my hoodie on and just enough light from shore to see what I was doing.  Despite the toilet paper being drenched from the rain, I'd consider this endeavor a success!  And probably just the first of many such stories.  I apologize for not having any photo evidence of this occassion.  Ron offered.  I declined.  I guess we can check of another milestone now??

All stripped down for storage :(
We have plenty of projects to keep us busy throughout the winter, maybe they'll help the winter go by a little faster than the last.


  1. Awww, such a bummer to have to winterize and store the boat. :( But at least you went out with a bang with the cockpit peeing episode! hah! love it!

    1. Haha, thanks Kim! You know, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Not that I'll be doing it just for fun anytime soon :)