Monday, September 16, 2013

Teak Tweak

I LOVE the teak'd out cabin of Hullabaloo, it's one of the major reasons we intially liked her so much.  It just gives the boat that 'sailboat' feel.  It pretty much makes up the entire cabin other than the countertops and a tiny bit of wall space in the galley.  Oh, except for the carpet on the ceiling...weird I know, but I am actually quite fond of it now. But that's a story for another time.
Lots of love and teak...and a little carpet...on the ceiling

Some people say that teak is a lot of maintanence, and on the outside it can be but on the inside it's really pretty easy to care for.  For whatever reason the previous owners sealed most of interior teak with high gloss polyurethane. As in, the galley, nav station and salon were all sealed but the aft quarter berth, hanging lockers, head and v-berth were all left unfinished. Over the summer we'd just wiped on some Old English to give the teak some of it's color back.  It worked great and made the cabin smell fruity and we could have kept that up once or twice a year as needed but instead decided that it would be a good idea to put polyurethane on the rest of the unfinished teak as well.  Particularly in the v-berth where the sun coming through the hatch was fading a chunk of the wood.  Ron also went around a put another coat on the teak around the ports and hatches as those tend to see the most sun.
Sealed (left) vs Unsealed (right)
Poor, faded teak

Ron loves tedious, slow moving work. And I love being around him when he does it.
 We may have had a couple of good fume-induced headaches at the end (even with hatches and ports open), but we got it done!  We'll add another layer or two to some areas then turn our attention to the sad, sad teak outside the companionway.



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