Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Winter Projects

HB will be back in her cradle this week. Ugh.

Now that our sailing season is officially over, we're being forced to switch gears. It's time to tackle some of the projects we'd been putting off while enjoying the boat this summer.  Some of them need to be done asap, some need to be done sometime before HB splashes in the spring and others we're just starting to research. 

ASAP (as work allows for RON)
Winterize engine
Tarp/cover boat

Before Spring
Make grill cover
Reupholster interior cushions
Make cockpit table
Adjust helm cover to fit cockpit table
Refinish cabin sole, companionway trim teak and companionway stairs

Research For Future Projects
Solar panels/power
Conversion from CNG to propane

To Be Done At Some Point
Replace cabin lights with LED bulbs
Change haling port on transom
Install inspection port on water tank

Of course, while I'll be doing some of these projects myself (or attempting to), some will depend on how much Ron is traveling for work.  I guess we'll do what we can and procrastinate what we can't.

The upside to this winter: We've already chosen a (rough) splash date next spring, no waiting for every boat to be launched before HB can go in because she won't be in the back of a massive pole barn.  On the other hand, we're also subjecting her to her first year of outside storage...you can't win 'em all.

So come on winter, let's get this over with!

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