Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New dishes

Remember me talking about getting actual dishes for the boat?  Well I ordered them last Thursday.  I came home from work on Monday to both sets waiting on my doorstep.  Now that's some timely delivery Ebay!

Before ordering actual dishes, we'd been using Pampered Chef picnic plates and silverware.  They worked great for the last two seasons on boats but I started to notice that the plates were starting to get scratched up.  I love the matching silverware set, the knife, fork and spoon all snap together so all I'd have to do when getting ready for dinner is reach in the drawer and grab a couple sets...no fuss, no muss.  Except after regular use the freakishly sharp plastic knives were leaving their marks on the plates and I thought now would be a good time to invest in some Corelle dishes.  We'll still keep these on the boat and most likely still use them for some lunches and snacks but it's nice to know we have actual dishes to use now too.
 Plus, you gotta love that the plates have a cup holder built right in.  Makes eating in the cockpit...with no cockpit table...a little easier.

Corelle dishes are suposed to be "break resistant".  It even says it on the bottom of the dishes so you know it's legit.  I've read different reviews on line about using them in boats and for the most part many people do say that they don't break easily, even after being dropped.  A perk on a boat since broken glass on a boat is  muy mal.  However, I also read that if they do break it's like atoms splitting and you'll have a bajillion miniscule shards to clean up.  I'd like to avoid that. 

My mom had Corelle dishes when we were little and even between 3 constantly fighting siblings I don't remember any of them breaking. 

I chose the Stroke-of-color dishes.  I love the Caribbean feal of the teal set.  I also decided to be cheap practical and got a set of white ones for backup when we have visitors aboard.  The white set was $25 cheaper than the color sets!  Dumb.  I have a little color, I'm good with it.

I also loved this set because 1.) it didn't include coffee mugs and 2.) just look at those bowls!  We almost strictly use Tervis Tumblers for hot and cold drinks and don't need any combersome coffee mugs to find space for.  Besides, we already have Tervis coffee mugs anyway.  And look at those bowls, I love them!  The big, wide-rimmed one is huge, the mid-sized one is really deep (perfect for a boat) and the little one...well...just look at how adorable it is.  Perfect for dips or optional meal additions like cheese, onions...whatever!
My actual dishes
The camera flash makes them look like the online pictures, but in real life they're actually a darker teal than I expected.  Which is fine.  I still love them.  I'm just glad I didn't go with the royal blue color I'd also been eyeing (which were also cheaper!).  Those babies probably look close to black.   

The actual teal color can be best viewed in the lovely yellow glow of the dining table light
Thanks Mom for the early birthday presents!  Now, I'm going to have to get serious in devising a plan to store these things safely.  I've gotten some good suggestions so far that should make things easier, but first I just have to pick a spot to put them!


  1. Luna Sea came with Corelle dishes, and I've gotta say - so far so good!

    Yay for new boat stuff!

  2. We use Corelle dishes too (were you ever on board to use them?), but we're simple and only have 4 plates, 4 small soup bowls, and 4 coffee mugs. So far we did lose one mug when Matt dropped it in the cockpit, but otherwise they're all holding up fine. :)

    1. I don't think we ever used the dishes on Serendip. If you ever need to borrow some bowls (or plates) you know who to ask! ;)

  3. So based on the ^^above^^ comments, it looks like Corelle is outfitting everyone's boats. Good to know! ;) That is one item on our must-buy list that I haven't even remotely looked into yet. I need a set before January! Yours look fab Jackie! -Kim, s/v LAHO

    1. January is coming up fast!! And I'm sooo jealous! There are tons of options for Corelle dishes, lots of patterns and styles to choose from. And most have pretty decent prices too. Happy shopping! ;)