Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Safer on the Boat?

Country livin' at it's finest
 We live in the country...I LOVE living in the country.  Plenty of space, almost no houses in direct sight, peaceful.  Until yesterday that is when I came home to this:
Well that's odd....but I have to pee!
I came home to this sight.  When I first saw it I was baffled...what in the world happened in here?!? But I had to pee.  While sitting on the toilet, which faces this particular wall, trying to figure out what was going on I looked at my feet and saw a small object.  I picked it up and I'll be damned if it wasn't a bullet!!  What the hell!?!?  I run outside to look around and find not one but TWO bullet holes in the back of my house.  Now I'm pissed, what kind of drugged up, inbred idiot is shooting at my house??
Hole #1 - in the bathroom

Hole #2 - fortunately this one hit a stud and didn't come into the house

 The police are called, a very nice State Trooper comes over to check it out, take some pictures and make a report.  Our options of possible responsible parties is pretty limited, there's only a couple homes behind our house and we regularly hear shooting from one of them.  (In fact we've caught this particular group poaching a pheasant before)  We know they hunt, we know they have guns.  No biggie, shooting guns is allowed out here, we even do it from time to time.  However, a couple weeks ago I hear more shooting than normal.  Not hunting related target practice but fast, repetitive shots going on.  A bit annoying but it didn't last that long, didn't think anything else about it...until now.
Our backyard...the perps live off to the left at about 10 o'clock
 The Trooper goes over to the suspected house to investigate and comes back to tell me that it was some "young kids" (I'm guessing around 18 since that's the legal age to buy a gun) who had a new 9mm who were shooting at a flimsy target POINTED AT OUR HOUSE.  I.was.furious.  You see that field beyond our yard?  Theres another field further to the left, directly behind the neighbors house, so instead of shooting into fields where there is not another home in sight, they decide to purposely put a target up facing our house.  Morons.  We've decided not to press charges and they have agreed to pay for repairs.  

I'm not against guns.  I grew up around plenty of them, both my family and Ron's family are hunters and I think they have their place but when stupidity takes over and my home and my dog...mostly the dog, are put in danger it's a whole other ballgame.  Believe me, should another 'incident' occur, we won't be so nice.

The angle of entry pointed directly at the perp's house. 
I now refer to the neighbor as 'the perp', I think it's an appropriate name.

Our not-so-little blowout. Notice the chips where the bullet ricocheted.  It bounced off this cabinet, chipped the cabinet door on the opposite wall and landed in front of the toilet.

A nice sized hole in my house

The bullet bounced off the outside of the cabinet but still manage to shoot drywall dust and insulation into the cabinet

Chunks of drywall and plaster. Behind the toilet, in the shower, on the counter
For reference here's a couple pics:

The hole is between the tall cabinet and the hamper, the bullet bounced off the tall cabinet and hit the cabinet door of the sink Ron is standing behind.
(We converted a small bedroom to our master bath a couple years ago, hence the random bathroom pics available for your viewing)

This pic, oddly enough, was taken exactly where the bullet hole is.  The shower door was open and there were wall chunks inside the shower and behind the toilet.  I found the bullet in between the two rugs, in front of the toilet.  That's also the cabinet door that was dinged as the bullet pin-balled around a bit.
 Upon hearing the news, my friend Jessica said we'd be safer living on the boat.  She may have a point.


  1. Wow. What morons. I am not antigun either (own some myself) but I am antistupid.

    I agree with Jessica. Get out of there and on your boat someplace south.

    Fair winds,


  2. You're totally safer living on a boat. Bring up this point to family whenever they tell you not to go cruising. ;) Glad Lexi wasn't hurt, and that you weren't home on the toilet when it happened!!

    1. You're right, bringing up "the time my house got shot" argument will definintely be a good argument! PS-I'm REALLY glad I wasn't home and REALLY REALLY glad I wasn't on the toilet at the time! Haha

  3. omg, that is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you and Ron were super understanding. I would've gone ballistic. Time to start sailing fulltime. ;)

    1. I'm home alone a lot when Ron travels so I didn't think starting a war with the neighbors would be a good idea...but if it happens again they'll be the ones calling the cops ;) I think 'ballistic' is a good word for when I figured out what happened. Now if only we could just win the lottery and speed up our cruising plans!