Monday, November 25, 2013

Sail storage

When we took the sails off the boat for the winter, Ron had the idea that we need to remove them from the bags they've undoubtedly been sitting in for years, except of course for the main and genoa sail we used this past season.  In addition to those we also have an asymmetrical spinnaker, a symmetrical spinnaker, a second main sail, another genoa and a storm sail - all of which are of the 1980s era, with some being in better shape than the others.  Our backup main is pretty much a disaster and the second genoa is mylar with some mold.  But the spinnakers and storm sails on the other hand are just about brand new and look great...we think anyway.  So we took a couple of hours to get the sails unrumpled and 'rolled'.  Except that the stupid things are so big my rolling technique started looking like folding per the roll-master Ron.  By the time we were done I was sweating and somewhat out of breath, trying to maneuver those suckers in between pool tables, chairs and whatever other junk we have in the basement was hard work!

Mains, genoas and storm sail 'rolled' up. Ha
  The genoa that we use has a couple areas on the sunbrella strip that need to be sewn so we figured we'd just take all the sails into a sail loft in Muskegon to get some feedback from a professional.  The sails are dirty and could use a good cleaning anyway and we'd really like to see what they think of the condition of all the sails.  For the age of the sails, the main and genoa we used, I think, are in pretty decent and seviceable shape.  Maybe a restitching here or there and a good scrubbing.  Although I'm a bit worried they're going to say both mains and both genoas are garbage...I think I'd cry. 

This can't be good for the spinny
Then of course, there's always the ongoing battle with the dog who wants to be in your face while trying to roll up big, heavy sails.  Technically, we didn't roll the spinnies, we just layed them on top of the others to air out.  Now when we do take the sails in, we'll have to UNroll them all and get them back into the bags we just freed them from.  Not looking forward to that.  Please pray for our souls sails...


  1. omg, your "rolling" is 4 million times better than ours! hah! We need some serious lessons. ;) -Kim, s/v LAHO

    1. Haha, you don't want "rolling" advice from me! I was continually getting scolded about my lack of skills ;)