Thursday, January 23, 2014

Boat Show Bound
Tomorrow morning we're heading to the Strictly Sail show in Chicago.  Unlike last year, we'll be spending 2 days there chatting up some professionals, attending some seminars and buying some gear. 

Number one on our list of gear to get is davits.  Although we've heard differing opinions about davits, we still would like to have them.  We'll use them to hold the dinghy while on short, easy sails and to secure it at night, but we mostly want it to hold a larger solar panel.

Davits on a sailboat

Getting davits is also the start of a series of projects we need to do as well; we need the davits to put the solar panel on (we'll put a couple more smaller ones on the bimini for a total of about 300-350watts) and we need solar power to feed all systems on the boat, but mainly for the refridgeration unit we plan on putting in the ice box currently on the boat.  Getting davits now gives us plenty of time to get these others done without being in a frantic rush, at least that's our line of thinking.  Plus, a special boat show price doesn't hurt either.

Line organizers

We also want to do some recon work on anchors, refridgeration systems, solar panels, a spinnaker sock, line/sheet organizers for the cockpit and whatever else we see that could be useful on our trip.

On top of that, our good friends Jerm and Angie are coming to Chicago for the weekend and are going to come check out the boat show on Saturday with us.  Looking forward to catching up with them over a few drinks!

If we can't actually be out sailing, we might as well be talking/preping/dreaming about it!

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  1. Have fun we went last year and had a great time. Defiantly a good place to get some ideas.