Monday, January 27, 2014

Boat Show Buys

Given the current trend in winter weather we've been having (hello, coldest winter in a century with record snowfall), it shouldn't be a surprise that the trip to Chicago and back weren't ideal, but we made it without any incidents.

What we bought:
  • 1 1/4" stainless steel davits from Garhauer - We chose to go with the larger size after our friends experienced a bit of an issue with their 1" versions.  We're really impressed with the Garhauer people.  The guy who makes the davits was on hand to help us figure out what exactly we want/need in our davits.  For no extra charge we're going to email him pictures of our transom so we can decide if we want our davits larger than the standard size (36" X 36").  We would still like the option to use the ladder on the transom but at the same time don't want to compromise the strength of the davits; something Garhauer is working with us on, and at no extra charge.  And all this even while giving us the boat show price.  Pretty impressive.
  • Chute Scoop - After a summer of using the spinnaker, and having some minor difficulties bringing it down when the wind picks up, we knew that this item would be something we'd like to have.  We saw it last year at the boat show but decided it wasn't in the budget at that time and we weren't making the same mistake twice.  Great minds think alike and our friends over at Sail Far Live Free had the same idea.  Unfortunately for them, we snagged the last one in the size we both needed.  We offered to sell them ours for a slightly higher amount, but they declined ;)
Deploying a similar style sock

  • Rescue Tape - This stuff is better than duct tape for a boat, and you know how much we like our duct tape.  It isn't a tape in that it sticks to various surfaces but it does stick to itself.  It makes a watertight seal that can sustain 950psi of pressure making it useful for patching any leaks that might occur, even in fluid-containing, pressurized hoses/lines and can withstand -85 to 500 degree (F) temps.  But this stuff doesn't stop there; it can also be used to repair electrical lines as it insulates 8,000 volts per layer.  We were further sold when a Coastie standing next to us said he uses it all the time and thought it was a great product for boat applications.  While it doesn't necessarily provide a permanent fix to a problem, it'll come in handy until we can get around to getting one.
A million and one
We were a bit surprised that there weren't any representatives from any solar energy or anchor manufacturers in the mass of vendors, we would have liked to pick their brains a bit.  But we did get to talk with Frigoboat about their refridgeration set-up and are seriously considering installing a keel cooled system for its energy efficiency and low noise output when running.

While we talked to a lot of people and had a lot of questions answered, I sometimes wonder if these boat shows don't send you on your way with more questions than you came with!


  1. Nice buys!!! I def need to check out that tape. Could come in handy for sure. -Kim

  2. I wish we would have had it for that broken cockpit drain tube that was letting a bunch of water on the boat on our maiden voyage! I'm sure we'll find plenty of uses for it, worth checking out.