Monday, January 20, 2014

Drinking on a Boat

No, no, no.  Not just drinking booze on a boat.  Drinking anything on a boat.  Believe it or not, we drink a lot of water on the boat too ;)

We try to adhere to the 'no glass on board' rule.  Although this rule (obviously) doesn't apply to our liquor/wine cabinet.  We're not that hardcore.

We pretty much only use Tervis Tumblers, aboard Hullabaloo, they're an all-purpose, multi-purpose kinda glass that comes in handy for just about all of our beverage needs.  Actually, we mostly use them at home too.  As their slogan goes they, "Keep warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold".  Or something like that.  Afterall, who wants to burn their hands on a hot cup of coffee or have their nice, cold beverage get warm before it can be enjoyed? Not us.  Enter the Tervis Tumbler.

They aren't necessarily cheap, but they come with a lifetime guarantee and if something goes wrong with one, you just send it in and get a new one, making them a great investment.  We've had a couple loose the airtight seal between layers and have exchanged them with no issues.  Besides that little hiccup, we really love how tough and long-lasting these glasses really are, they can really take a beating.  Ours may have a couple small scratches on them from rolling around the boat and getting used but that just adds a bit of character.

They also come in a wide range of sizes from kiddy cups to coffee cups to sports bottles, and are available in a gazillion design options, including custom designs.  In fact, we include a different 'model' of Tervis Tumbler for all participants in the golf outing we help put on every year and we always hear how much people like them/use them later.
Kate's Kup 2013: Sports bottle
Our custom Kate's Kup logo
Cup selection on Hullabaloo
One of my favorite parts about using these glasses on the boat is that they come with a lid that you can slide closed...comes in handy on the boat for those times when they get accidentally knocked over by one of many possible environmental hazards that come with being on a boat.

We also have four plastic wine glasses for those rare instance where we feel like being classy.  I think they've only been used three or four times.  Who wants to risk spilling all their wine when we've got perfectly good Tervis Tumblers that hold a half bottle of wine with lids that can keep my moscoto safe and chilled?  Anyway, spilling wine isn't very budget friendly, and we're on a budget.

No contest right?  We love our Tervis Tumblers!

I-spy, Tervis style


  1. Haha, thanks! They're from John Daly's Loudmouth line of golf apparel. We usually try to get some crazy 'loud' pants/skort for the outing....something Kate would have LOVED :)