Monday, January 13, 2014

Ronnie's on a Roll: Grill Cover

We bought a Magma Chefsmate propane grill for the boat last year when we were at the Strictly Sail show in Chicago.  And we use it...a lot.  This past summer we always took it of the rail mount and stowed it in the lazarette (cockpit storage locker) when we were gone.  No big deal, but as we get further along in our preparations to go cruising, space is going to become a real issue and we won't always be taking it down when we leave the boat. 

Our lovely, large grill
We use this thing for 90% of our lunches and dinners on the boat so it's well broken in.  The inside has a nice protective layer of grease on it (yuk) and although the inside is well protected, the outside isn't.  We had some extra Sunbrella canvas from making our winch covers and there was just enough left over to make a nice, color coordinated cover to hide our greasy grill  protect our nice grill.  These covers run about $60 retail.  That's absurd!  Especially when we have canvas laying around. 

This was suposed to be my turn to work on my sewing skillz, but Ron got into the zone and had his design figured out, the measurements taken and the shell sewn in a couple hours.  He always says "you have to be in the mood to sew"...I guess he was that day.  Who am I to argue with him?!? ;)

$60??? I think not! Ours won't say Magma, but we'll still be classy.
Or klassy. Whatever.

FYI: Construction tools also work great for domestic sewing projects

What better to do than sew on a nice frigid, snowy day?
The drawstring has been added, now we just wait on the weather


  1. Does Ron want to come sew stuff for us? Just sayin. ;) I'm impressed! -Kim

  2. I have no issue with renting him out, anything to feed the cruisin' kitty right?!?

  3. Yeah, but does it say "MAGMA" on it? No! Total fail, Ron! J/K - Great job!

    1. Haha, IF he tried to put it on he'd probably misspell it! ;) We might get weird looks with 'MAMGA" on our cover!

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and I guess you can say we're neighbors . We are on mooring 97.
    SV Vaya Con Dios

    1. Well we'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for you this summer, if it ever gets here ;)