Friday, March 28, 2014

C'mon Spring!

It looks like this weekend might just be a good weekend to get to the boat and get some projects started! About time! We're keeping our fingers crossed that the predicted weather holds out so we can start making some progress. Although we still have quite a bit of snow still on the ground it looks like it will be sunny and almost 60 for the most part. But then again, as I look out the window there is a snowy mix coming down. Oy.

With any luck we'll actually have a boat related update for you next week so don't forget about us, we're still here and we haven't given up!
Let's get this sailing season started already!


  1. Sort of boat related. From Matt and Jessica's blog a couple of days ago. " We’ve managed to break one more Corelle coffee mug and get to add it to the items to replenish/replace while we’re here in the states."
    Corelle shatters into millions of very small shards. They can stop a bilge pump with even a tiny piece. I killed two bilge pumps that way. I learned the hard way, and did not have a working bilge pump for over two weeks. Not a good feeling. I can not wait for you to get out there (and of course take me along vicariously). Now not boat but a backup if ever needed. The wife and I were both RNs. We made arrangements to get on with a travel agency for the areas we thought we would travel in. We never did need the work but that possible four week contract was always in our back pocket if needed (like if an engine blew or we broke the boat running aground). Might mean the difference between going home or getting to continue after a short contract.

  2. We don't have any coffee mugs so maybe we'll get lucky with our corelle ;) Plus, Jessica is notoriously clumsy! Haha

    Ron won't have to quit his job and can always fly home to work for a few weeks or work locally in various places. I'm not exactly sure how the process would go for working as a nurse internationally but it's nice to have options. Thanks for the encouragement and following along!

  3. Aww, come on, it didn't shatter into a million pieces, it chipped at the top. ;) Just not useable anymore.

    1. I was hoping you'd see this! Glad the mug didn't explode into a billion pieces ;) We had corelle growing up, I remember some plates missing chunks but can't say I've seen any pieces shattering completely. I guess we'll see.

  4. So did you get down to the boat this weekend?

    We worked on ours but the weather sucked. Managed to get in one coat of bottom paint on Saturday before the rain. Then mostly inside projects like working on cleaning up some bilge wiring while the Bride cleaned wood and fiberglass. Only 3 more weeks until launch. Things are getting tight.

    Hope you got to make some progress.

    Fair winds,