Monday, March 17, 2014

Still Here

We're still here. Still frozen. Still waiting for a warm-up.

In other news, our davits should be arriving this week and our sails have been cleaned, mended and a new sacrificial strip put on the genoa. These will all be added to our massive "boat stuff that's not on the boat" pile that is consuming our spare bedroom.

Everything else that is left to do on the boat (refinishing the cabin sole, painting the saildrive, waxing/polishing hull) is dependent on warmer temps. Can't wait for those nice, sunny, WARM spring days to get here!

Until then....we wait.


  1. We're waiting right along with ya'. But we're not nearly as productive with our To Do lists...

    1. I guess that's the ONE thing going for this particularly brutal winter...makes us bored enough to get stuff done :)