Thursday, April 10, 2014

Aaaaaallllllll Byyyyyyyyyy Myyyyyyyyyyyself

Everyone needs a little Bridget Jones every now and then - unless you're Ron
 This weekend will mark my first attempt to get to the boat on my own.  Ron is out of town for work for a couple weeks and if we want to launch in May and still get our projects done before launching, I need to get busy.  My biggest fear revolves around man-handling the Little Giant Ladder and setting it up between multiple boats without any 'whoops' moments. We might hit 70 this weekend (Whoo-to-the-Hoo!) so there should be someone around to at least hear my screams or watch me fall down a ladder.

My job this weekend is to finish stripping the teak around the companionway and clean the sole teak so I can start putting some polyurethane on it next weekend. The wood picked up quite a bit of dirt where the finish had worn off and the last thing I want to see after all this work is all that dirt sealed under the poly. Ron was able to get the floor hatches clean at home with warm water and dish soap but I'm not taking any chances driving all the way up there with just dish soap so I'm packin' the Soft Scrub. Yeah, I don't mess around with my mild cleaners.

We would like to get at least 5 to 6 coats of poly on the flooring so we can make our lives easy in the future and just do a maintenance coat every year or so. No more of this stripping, cleaning and sealing business for us, we hope. I'd like to try and get as many coats on as I can in the next couple weeks so we can hit up the larger projects still on the list when Ron's home.

 I'm pretty sure we're putting Cetol Natural  and Cetol Gloss on the (exterior) companionway wood since that's what's on the rest of the exterior wood. I should probably confirm this with Ron, but I'll probably just do it.

After the woodwork is finished we still need to:
  • Remove current name decals and replace with new one
  • Add haling port to transom
  • Wax/buff the tar out of the deck and topsides
    • No actual tar but she's got some major chalk action going on
  • Scrape/prime/paint the saildrive
  • Scrape/prime/paint the rudder
    • Some of the paint is chipping off down to the fiberglass
    • Our bottom paint is good for another year (next spring we'll switch from ablative to solid paint for our trip)
  • Replace the genoa halyard from a line/cable combo to line only
  • Mount davits
Guess we better get started.

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