Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More stripping

Just look at that sad, pathetic, mistreated companionway trim! It's an atrocity. And the condition of the traveler (the track across the companionway) right next to it is no better. The majority of the finish must have been worn off for quite a while because, as you can see in the pics, there is a lot of mold/mildew/junk on the wood. Not the nicest welcoming for boat guests if you ask me. And quite embarrassing too.

On Saturday night there was a pretty nasty storm with hail, uprooted trees, branches/debris all over the roads and traffic lights out. Luckily the boat survived with no noticeable damage. Because of the storm the companionway trim and traveler wood were still wet. I had no idea if this was bad for stripping them but went ahead with it anyway.

For most of this stripping I used a screwdriver because there were small spaces and angles that the (metal) scrapers couldn't touch. Even with using the screwdriver, I was making pretty good progress and actually having fun doing it. Admittedly, I'm a picker. My favorite part of my painting/power washing job in college was scraping the old paint. It's an illness. I would take stripping small areas like this, even with the nooks, weird angles and tight spaces, over stripping the cabin sole anytime. It didn't hurt that the sun was peaking through the haze and I was actually getting hot while working either.

Right side of the companionway mostly stripped.
I love the instant gratification!
Let's not talk about the traveler. Oy.

The stripper doing it's job.
Disregard all the splatter, told you I was enjoying myself :)
I was having a grand old time and about halfway done when the winds got crazy and temps dropped about 10 degrees from a cold front blowing in. And boy did it get cold! It went from being in the upper 50s and sunny to the low 40s and windy. Yuk. The stripper stopped working as well as before and I had to put a lot more muscle into it. It helped keep me somewhat warm but at this point the fun was gone.
Cold front with major fog
More progress despite the cold
I wasn't done with just stripping the trim and traveler, I still wanted to squeeze in the first coat of polyurethane on the cabin sole now that it was spic and span cleaner than before. When I first got to the boat I rubbed it down with mineral spirits to get it ready for the poly. By the time I got done with the trim and traveler it was dry, clean and ready to go.
Mineral spirits on the floor
First coat of poly down.
Sorry for the awkward pic, I was precariously perched with
one foot on the quarter berth and one on the galley counter
I also brought the floor hatches back with me. I had planned to screw the frames back on them in the cockpit while giving the poly some time to dry before closing up the boat but I was so cold I decided to wait to do that until next time when it's (hopefully) warmer.
Complete with 5 or 6 coats, I can't remember which.
Psshhhh, who needs a man?!? Oh, wait. I do. I'm not handy, I can't sew, I don't have fancy wood shop skills. Fine, I guess I'll let Ron back on the boat when he gets home.


  1. I was looking at some of our favorite sailing sites and saw this "More stripping". Ken is in trouble now! Then I checked and read about your work. I did all the varnishing and painting on our boat due to Ken's breathing problems. You did good work there. Debra

  2. Haha! I'm glad ken's off the hook :) We'll be painting the bottom next year so I can't speak to that so much but I do enjoy stripping/varnishing projects...most of the time. I think it's the instant gratification ;) Thanks for reading! ~Jackie