Wednesday, April 30, 2014

(Non)Decorators' Touches

I have been waiting for five months to finally get the new cushions back on the boat and we finally got to do it! Of course it would happen that a single backrest cusion would fall off the bed and onto the floor on the other side of the bed and of course we wouldn't notice that we were missing a single cushion from the heap of cushions that took up the truck bed and back seat until we got to the boat and put them back in place. I have to admit, I spent the rest of the day worried that we didn't actually make another cushion, but as soon as we got home we found its hiding place.

Without further ado:
Ron heaved them up the ladder to me and I heaved them in the boat. Very nice, no?
I am far from a style-guru of ANY sorts but I do think this turned out pretty slick
Love the piping all the way around, good call Captain