Sunday, May 11, 2014

Painting the Saildrive

Ron usually just likes to do his own thing his own way, he's not so much into the research overkill that I am. He tends to roll his eyes when I mention something I read on "the forums" and usually consults with the fleet captain where he works for input and advice on boat maintenance and care. To my surprise he actually did some of his own research prior to ordering supplies to repaint the sail drive and prop and coming up with a plan for the project. Except for the statement, "I think this will work, I guess we'll know later" being said a few times, I feel pretty confident that we'll be in good shape with the saidrive.
Saildrive sanded down to metal, ready for primer and paint
We went with Interlux Primocon primer

Pacifica Plus Antifouling paint for the saildrive/prop
Pretty and primed, minus the zincs of course
Painted with Interlux Pacifica Plus antifouling paint
The saildrive system has been the topic of much debate when compared to the traditional shaft and strut set-up and, honestly, it was a concern (for me) when we started looking at this boat. But after doing a lot of research I actually feel pretty good about having this set-up. There are cost and performance benefits of saildrives but they come at the cost of regular maintenance demands.

Becuase the saildrive is basically a big hole in the bottom of the boat (too much sensationalism???), it's really important to keep up on its maintenance. Regular maintenance on saildrives is a must and although we're far from experts, our particular marina is an authorized Volvo service center with decades of saildrive experience and knowledge who can help us make sure we're all up to snuff in the saildrive department. We will definitely be hitting them up this fall for a good look at Hullabaloo.

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