Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's a Few Thousand Miles Between Friends?

Thanks to Ron's spending habits for work (which we get reimbursed for), we get a lot of frequent flier miles on our credit card...miles that allow us to get 2-3 roundtrip tickets a year for a whopping $10 in fees and taxes. Usually we use these miles to go somewhere together but with Ron's crazy work schedule it just wasn't possible this time. So he kept working while I took off to the sunshine state.

Our good friends moved to Florida this past fall and it was waaaaayyyyy past time I got down there to see them, their new house and check out the general area they now call home. And what a sweet reunion it was!

Tampa Bay
Jay had to work during the week so that left me, Britt and the kids to run amok...minus the murderous frenzy and desire to kill of course. We checked out beaches, old towns, got lost a few times (which may have been the most fun), swam in the pool and otherwise did what we felt like doing. It's amazing how you can not see someone for six months and the second you see each other it's like no time has passed at all. I've missed these people!

We took a trip to the Tampa Bay Brewing company in Ybor and walked around taking in the history and scenery. It was so pretty during the day that you'd never have thought it was dangerous to be there at night. Apparently there is a lot of gang activity in the surrounding area, who knew?? Too bad, this is an awesome town!
I'm a sucker for blonde beers and this one did not disappoint!
This place had some awesome (and old) tile work

Anna maria Island
Whoever said that you're most likely to burn on an overcast day wasn't lyin'
The only picture we got of us was on Britt's phone. Shucks.

Gotta have a little seafood on the beach
I know this was a great vacation because a) I had to come home to recuperate and b) I was too busy having fun to take many pictures. It's only been two days and I miss them already...I can't wait to do it again!


  1. I always have seen irony in the fact that people that travel a lot in their jobs are rewarded with travel. I traveled extensively for 20 years and accumulated millions of miles and hotel points. We used the airline miles (along with free tickets for being bumped off flights) to travel to some very cool places.

    At first the free travel perk was nice. Then it got old. It got to a point where the last thing I wanted to do with time off was to see an airport or a hotel room. I have never tired of travel but tired of airplanes, airports and hotels. Hence the plan to see the rest of the world by boat :)


    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    1. Ron doesn't fly a lot but I know when he's home the last thing he wants is restaurant food! As a general home body, I think the ability to take your home with you in your travels is of the most appealing parts of cruising. I'm also happy that I get to reap the benefits of all of Ron's travel ;)

  2. Who knew what the real definition of 'run amok' was? We should totally do it sometime. ;) Glad you were able to escape MI for awhile and have some fun before summer finally sets in.

    1. Right?!? I always thought it was just some inocent term for having fun...not going on a murderous rampage! I would also like to point out that at no time during this trip did we actually murder anything other than a bazillion love bugs with the car ;)