Monday, June 9, 2014

Sailing Season 2014 Has Begun!

Man, it feels good to be back on the boat! Here I thought we were way behind everyone else getting the boat in and getting out sailing but when we pulled into the marina on Friday night we noticed that only about a third of the mooring balls had boats on them and of the boats that were in, only a couple had people out on them. It was eerily quiet actually, not that I'm complaining. Apparently we aren't as behind as we initially thought.

We headed over to the State Park again for the night, after making sure our anchor light on top of the mast was working. It was a perfect evening, it was still, the temps were pleasant and there were NO other boats anchored in front of the park. Perfect.

This also happened to be our first time using our new Mantus Anchor. I'm not sure if it was knowing that we had this fantastic anchor holding us in place, the calm water or the comments from one of our friends about how great of an anchor Mantus' are but I slept better than I ever have on the boat that night!
Our new sacrificial covering on our head (front) sail
We also got the genoa on the furler. Things were going fairly smoothly until the furler stuck after just a couple of turns. Then the swearing began. A little more swearing. Then I noticed that one of our lines coming from the top of the mast was catching the sail as we tried to wrap it up. Then Ron noticed the spinnaker halyard doing the same, once we moved these lines out of the way it rolled up perfectly.  Luckily there was no wind at this point. Crisis averted.
Ron made a couple bridles with his fancy splicing skills to secure the dinghy on the
davits and after a couple small changes it's all set!
Saturday we headed out to Lake Michigan for some sailing! The winds totally pooped out so we floated, lounged and swam (not me!). While lounging Ron decided to scrub the deck...with the hatches and ports open. Not the first time it's happened and I'm sure it won't be the last. But the wet blanket from the vberth did provide some nice shade from the hot sun on deck.

A dog and her tennis ball...
Sunday was a completely different day from Saturday. Cold, cloudy, full of shifty winds. We thought about going on the the big lake again but after seeing the big waves and feeling the massive temperature change between Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan we decided to turn around and stick to the smaller lake. Winds were varying from 3kts to 18kts and were clocking around in all directions. A little stressful after not sailing for almost 9 months but it was a good refresher and also gave us a chance to play around a little more with our reefing set-up (which is pretty easy anyway).

Overall a GREAT start to the 2014 season! How I've missed this!

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