Friday, June 13, 2014

Taking Off My Cranky Pants Now

These last few days I've been a bit of a cranky mess. It was really a compilation of little stuff adding up to what ended up being...nothing. Isn't that the way it always goes?

Up until a couple days ago there was a good possibility that Ron would be shipped off to the bowels of Ohio for a couple months for work. In the middle of summer sailing season. I was bummed and irritated and downright pissy. Top on family obligations for this next weekend that wouldn't allow for boat time and I was convinced that we wouldn't be back to the boat until late summer.

Sure, I could always head out on my own with the dog, but last time I tried to get her from the dinghy to the boat on my own we had a bit of a snafu wherein she refused to put her hind legs on the boat. I stood in the dinghy trying to push her up all the while the dinghy was slipping further and further from the boat....until I did a belly smacker and she toppled in after me. I emerged laughing hysterically but I don't think I'd have the same reaction if it happened this time.

Then came word that Ron would actually be working other jobs locally and would be able to make it home most weekends. Guess I can stop being cranky now.

I hate how worked up and stressed out I can get about potential situations, must be my naturally anxious tendencies rearing their ugly heads. Taking off my cranky pants...which I apparently never really needed anyway.


  1. All it takes is the threat of a boatless weekend and my closet is suddenly full of cranky pants. And shoes and shirts. Hang in there!

    1. Seriously!! I should feel bad about it but I'm too mad to care! ;)

  2. Wow glad things worked out. The dog story is great. I used to take the dog with me until I had a kid to take too. One time the dog fell in and I had to figure out wat to do with the 6 month old baby. Luckily someone came by and helped out holding the baby while I fished the dog out. That was the last trip for the dog to he boat.