Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trying New Things

A couple weeks ago we saw a family attempt to sail on to their mooring, it was a disaster. The young son couldn't reach the line with the boat hook, neither could the wife, which left the dad spouting off in a true cursing-like-a-sailor rant. I felt so bad for his family, it was his inept sailing that was to blame for the situation to begin with.

Instead of falling off the wind and coming in again Dear Old Dad felt it appropriate to curse out his family and be the Drama Mama of all mama's. I wanted nothing more than for sweet, quiet little Wifey Poo to give him a swift kick overboard. Seriously. What an ass!

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After watching the situation unfold, Ron started talking about how easy it would be to sail onto the mooring. I believe I gave him a good eye roll accompanied by a snotty, "clearly" while dramatically gesturing to our boat neighbors.

With some favorable winds, a pre-set plan of approach and a promise of no swearing we attempted to sail onto our mooring this past weekend. All I had to do was go to the bow and grab the pole attached to our lines so it was pretty easy for me, but Ron had to judge our momentum, time it just right to turn into the wind (so we slow down) and roll in the front sail all while getting the boat within an arm's reach of the mooring bouy. And you know what? It.Was.Perfect. I guess sometimes he really does know what he's talking about!

Don't get me wrong here, we've had plenty of things not go as planned the first time, but it sure is refreshing when it does! Now what's next....

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