Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1 Year Freakout

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In (about) 1 year our lives will be absolutely, totally different. We'll be jobless, showering less (let's be honest), living in a mobile home (RV on the water, right?) and heading out on our greatest adventure yet!

Our grand departure date is slated for somewhere around July 1st (independence on Independence Day seems pretty fitting though), give or take...oh, a few million factors that could change this date. Although we've been planning for this trip for the last 4 years, and I should have had enough time to mentally adjust to what is coming, I somehow don't think I have...or will until the time is actually here. Sometimes there isn't a good way to prepare, you just have to go for it and see how it turns out!

I'm a creature of habit, I can be a pretty major homebody and I generally deal with change...not-so-well. BUT, Ron knows this, I know this and I'm hoping that will help. Well, that and my genuine excitement about this whole cruising thing, I'm thinking that will help too! Afterall, this was all my idea to begin with.

The fact that we will actually be taking our (floating) home with us should also help calm the crazy. And that's one of my favorite parts of cruising...being able to take (limited amounts of) your stuff, your supplies, your home with you. I know that I'm really beating a dead horse but; I LOVE our boat and knowing that in less than a year she'll be my home is pretty darn exciting (if not a little terrifying at the same time!).

It seems like we've already come so far getting to where we are today, but I know that that's a pretty insignificant amount compared to what we've got left to do. I'm trying not to go all crazy cakes over here with my incessant list-making and planning because, really, besides the boat projects and feeding the kitty, there isn't much else that we can do now anyway (oh, there's still plenty of that to do). Sure, it'll go from zero to five hundred in the months before we leave but maybe by then I'll be impervious to the stress. That's what I'm bankin' on anyway.

It's getting real over here!

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  1. Funny thing. While getting ready to leave you are a whirlwind things go so fast. Then when you leave things are moving like cold molasses. It really does take six months to a year to get on boat speed. Til then you feel like you really need to do something NOW!