Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brightest Bulb In the Anchorage

In contuation of our conversion to LED lights on Hullabaloo, the next step was to mount an LED anchor light on the top of the mast. I'd done some research and found that you can't simply replace old lights with LED bulbs like we did inside the boat, instead we needed to get a whole new fixture because the lens in the light also makes the light more visible and simply adding an LED bulb won't result in the desired brightness (or US Coast Guard regulation).
Our new anchor light
As I mentioned in the last post, when Ron went to switch out the fixtures, the triangular base of the new light was too wide for the space where the old one was. We needed the lens, the bulb and the wiring from the new fixture but not necessarily the base so Ron got busy working some magic and he managed to remove the new lens and epoxy it to the old base with all the new 'innerds' if you will. Saved us from having to drill more holes in the mast and move wiring (without dropping it down the mast!). So now we have a new light in the same place and it works fantastic! Sure we seriousy voided any warranty coverage by doing this little modification, but we're good with that. Sometimes he's a bit of a genius, that guy.
Forget the anchor light for a minute; that was a gorgeous evening right?!?
Frankenbulb - a work of art!

Okay, so we only used our new LED anchor light one night when there were only two other boats in the anchorage but our light blew theirs away! The cool blue color of the LED light just seams to stick out much more than the incadescent lights, especially with interference from lights on shore.

Notice the cool blue color (us in the middle) vs incandescent (on right and far left...which you can barely see).
We were also quite a bit closer to the far boat than the one closest in this pic.

The difference is more apparent the darker it gets

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