Monday, July 7, 2014

Pleasantly Surprised

Last year we made it a point to not go to the boat for the 4th of July. We assumed that that it would be insanely busy and cramped. Too cramped for our liking. This year, however, with projects to be done and plans to have friends aboard, we sucked it up and went to the boat mentally preparing for the worst.

Man, are we kicking ourselves for missing last year! The lake was actually less busy over the 4th than the last time we were out...weird huh? Maybe it was the cool, cloudy weather but chaos, it was not. Growing up on a lake that gets insanely busy (and arguably dangerous) on the 4th, we kept looking at eachother and commenting about the lack of boat traffic and people. Maybe Muskegon isn't the major 4th of July destination we thought, which just makes it even more perfect in my book.

And the fireworks didn't disappoint either. With cocktails in hand, we had TWO nights of fabulous displays being set off by residents all around the lake that left us "ooohhh"ing and "aaaahhhh"ing in every direction. Then the official show started, again, over TWO nights, and we were even more impressed.  All of this from a nearly isolated anchorage in our favorite part of the lake from the cockpit of Hullabaloo. Nice.

Guests out for a lively sail on the big lake
After a bouncy ride on Lake Michigan, the winds on Muskegon Lake steadied
and gave us a chance to take in a nice sunset cruise that was a little more relaxing and a little less white-knuckling
Where are all the boats?!? Who cares?!? 
Happy (belated) 4th of July!

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