Monday, July 28, 2014

Port Visors: Let There Be Ventilation

Pre-port visors: Rain catchers
 On Hullabalo we have 4 opening ports and, as with many ports, they are slightly slanted inward giving them fantastic water catchment qualities. Fortunately none of the ports leaks when properly closed up, but having water sitting on the seal for any length of time while we're gone is just asking for trouble at some point. Not only that, but shutting the boat up while waiting out rain makes the boat stuffy, hot and humid pretty quickly and we need air flow!

The problem area up close...sans water this time
After both Ron and I were unsuccessful at winning 2 of these port visors in another great giveaway from The Boat Galley (bummer!), we sucked it up and bought all 4. Ron measured the ports before we ordered ours, but Seaworthy Goods also has a handy dandy page where they put up pictures of their visors on customers' boats and specifically ask people to identify their type/size of boat and the size of visor used, genius right? AND there was actually an S2 11.0 on there, which helped reaffirm that we were actually ordering the right ones (18R in case you're really curious).

It took all of about 20 minutes to put them on, easy peasy.
  1. Use the scrubber to remove any oxidation where the visor will be attached.
  2. Use clear paint thinner/acetone to wipe down the area, let dry (very quick).
  3. Remove the backing on the tape and stick 'em on!
Ron "my eyes are more accurate than a tape measure" did the final placement of the visors and I went behind him and put an additional minute or two of pressure on the visor to make sure we got a good stick.
All you need

They're also slightly tinted to help block out some of the harsh sunlight
Everyone helped in one way or another. Lexie also tested the adhesion by stepping on
the top of a couple visors, I'm happy to report they didn't budge. At.All.
Bring on the rain!
The night we put these on we were suposed to get a pretty good storm but we got nu-thin, not even any good wind! At one point we did have some light rain that we left them open for and didn't have any rain coming in but we have yet to really test them in any substantial precipitation. We did find, however, that even though the ports block some of the wind, light breezes still made their way through the ports to keep the boat ventilated. Which is exactly what we need when it rains and we have no choice but to close our front hatch (the main source of air flow). 
 I loved finding this little hand-written thank you, what customer service, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Plus their little closing line is pretty cute too!


  1. Sometimes I wonder if the boat designers have ever actually used the boats they design. *sigh* So glad you won't have a stuffy boat during rain now! Now if we can just get them to redesign joker valves so that stuff doesn't get stuck in them! ;)

    1. Ha, I'm sure I can come up with quite a list of things with 'room for improvement'! The joker valve would definitely be at the top of that list!

  2. A very easy fix for the main hatch. I used a golf umbrella for a while but better was a four foot square of sunbrella or dacron sail cloth with corners patched so fiberglass sail battens fit to bow it up (like a kite). A bit of line around where the battens cross and a cup hook to tie it down. You can angle it if you suspend it from a halyard away from the rain direction. Folds up for easy storing and can act as a wind scoop, too. Ken

    1. Now that's an idea! Maybe we can rig up the hammock for that too and get more use out of it!

  3. You guys just keep crossing projects off the list! I am starting to feel left behind. I guess my lazy days of summer are over. Time to get to work.

    Love the visors by the way. These are on my list too.

    Fair winds,


    1. We're getting there, we played pretty much all last summer so we had to get crackin' this year :) Plus, we'll be gone the next THREE weekends! And then it will be late August. Boo!

      The visors are great quality, looking forward to testing them out (as that would mean we're back on the boat!). ~Cheers

  4. Looks great! So have you tested it in heavy rain? How do they work?

    1. Thanks to the crappy weather lately we have! And I'm happy to report that they work quite well, we were even able to leave the ports open during several fairly heavy rains. Although it helps that we were on our mooring or our anchor so the wind wasn't coming straight in the ports. Very happy with them so far!