Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Some of My New Favorites

I generally make it a point to avoid any and all 'home parties' where random over-priced goods are sold by a company rep offering the latest and greatest whatcha-ma-call-it gadget that I can no longer happily live without, but earlier this summer I went to a Norwex party, a company and brand I had never heard of previously.
Norwex is committed to radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning to promote health. More than ever we feel the need to emphasize the positive environmental impact of reducing chemical use ~Norwex
I like the idea behind this company, although I still highly doubt that their antimicrobial cleaning towels are more antimicrobial than bleach (<--actual claim from the rep based on a 'study'). Disclaimer: This claim pertains to antimicrobial properties in the products and not their abilities to sanitize surfaces.

The micro fiber in the products help trap whatever it is you used the item to pick up, which means no more pushing dust around from one place to another. Numerous 'antibac' items also have silver woven into the micro fiber, this silver activates when wet to kill off bacteria trapped in the cloth, which means less stink between washings. You're also instructed to not use fabric softener on these items in the wash and if you notice that they are loosing their initial characteristics and textures over time they can be restored with a little water/vinegar rinse. Perfect since we won't have fabric softener aboard but will most likely have lots of vinegar (it's like a magical elixir for everything!)

To my surprise, upon persuing their catalog, I did happen to find a couple items that would be perfect for life on a boat.

1). Makeup Removal Cloths - These suede cloths work without soap and remove all my makeup quickly and easily and without overdrying my skin. I use these bad boys for about a week before washing and they've never had even a slight funk to them before washing. Plus, you can control the level of exfoliation with the amount of water in the cloth. Genius. No soap = less water, always good on a boat. I have also used these in the shower instead of wash rags...makes my skin nice and soft to boot!
Image here
 2.) Bath Towel - The 'large' towels I ordered are actually only 39"x19" which isn't huge but it's a perfect size for the boat. They're still big enough to wrap my head in and you can get almost completely dry by just lightly brushing your skin with it. These towels dry crazy fast hanging on the lifelines and they can go weeks between washings without getting stinky. We've been using ours on the boat for 2 weeks (only a couple uses each) and there is NO odor to be found (so far).

Image here
3.) Enviro Cloth - This thing I've used at home for everything from dusting to easily getting dried hairspray off my bathroom counter to cleaning windows and mirrors (perfectly I might add, with no cleaners). I haven't brought it to the boat yet but I can just imagine how handy this will be, especially when trying to pick up crumbs/dog hair/whatever that gets stuck in the corners of the counters at the lip that keeps items from sliding onto the floor.
Image here
I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with this company, just trying to share some of my new favorite items. Are they overpriced? Yup. Do they work? So far so good. Should you rush out and buy some? If you really want to. Will I benefit from your purchase? I wish.


  1. Okay, now I have to look for this. Who knew? A company that does home parties that is trying to be environmentally friendly? Wow. What a world. I like those towels.

    1. I usually try to stick with Simple Green, vinegar and other less harsh cleaning agents at home and on the boat so these kinda got my attention. And O-M-G are those towels soft! Ron even really likes them.