Friday, August 8, 2014

So Simple

Let's be honest; boats are dirty! You could easily fill an entire cupboard with various cleaning goods to help keep the ever-present gunk, grime and grease off the boat but that's just not practical. Simple Green is though.

This concentrated, biodegradable stuff works. We use it for everything from cleaning counter tops to getting the built up crud out of the bilge to getting those pesky green bug stains off the deck and's the only thing we've found to work on those nasty spots.

The directions indicate that the solution can be diluted with water depending on what needs to be cleaned but we like our Simple Green with full power and don't dilute it.

If it weren't for that awful wintergreen scent that smells like a freshly scrubbed hospital room, I'd probably find even more uses for it. Smell aside, we love this stuff. We should probably buy stock in it with how much we use.

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