Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trying to Keep it Simple

First of all, how it is actually almost Labor Day Weekend already is totally  beyond me, but it might just be that not being on the boat for the last 4 weeks has put a damper on our sailing season. A big one. Which has me thinking about the boat, boat projects and cruising even more. Must be a symptom of boat withdrawl right?!? I'm trying to keep my imagination under control.

In an effort to keep things simple, we're trying to keep our project list in check. We fully intend to upgrade and buy items as we cruise and as we find them necessary to have with us, but we're trying hard to not waste money on things we think we need.

Boat Projects To Be Done:
  • Refridgeration - Still debating on what kind of system to use
  • Chartplotter/Radar
  • Propane conversion
  • Bottom Paint - Dreading it already
  • Solar Power
  • Replace H20 lines/ install H20 filter under sink
  • Install inspection port on water tank
  • Install macerator pump and seacock
  • Engine inspection
  • Motor mount inspection
  • Seacock inspection/replacement as necessary
  • Install cabin fans
  • Install new 6v batteries
  • Put shelves in lockers/cabinets
Other Items:
  • Safety gear - PFD/harnesses, jacklines, tethers, EPIRB, etc
  • Satellite phone
  • Medical kit supplies (people and dog)
  • Sail repair kit
  • Generator
  • SCUBA gear/upgrades/maintanence
This is by no means a totally complete list of things we'll need or buy before we take off, but most of the others are dependent on the condition of our cruising kitty before leaving. And I'd list all the domestic tasks that need to be done (ie. downsizing our 'stuff', renting out the house, getting a pet health certificate, banking/paying bills from afar) but that just might give me a nervous twitch. Who knew trying to simplify could be so complicated!

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  1. Jackie!

    - We just bought a Whynter 45 quart fridge/freezer from Amazon, basically on the advice of Bob from Boat Bits.
    - We are using iNavX on an iPad as our main charting solution. We have paper charts as backup, because the previous owner of our boat gifted them to us. When we go out of that range we'll have to figure out some backup solution. A 2nd iPad would be an acceptable solution to me, fully duplicating the first iPad. If GPS goes down, I assume there will be bigger problems than just a few pleasure boats out at sea.
    - Bottom paint. Ugh. What may be best in the Lakes may not be best in New York, which may not be best in Florida. Choose your own adventure. Get ready to bust your ass or your wallet.
    - Solar power (known as PV - Photo-voltaic). Awesome, love it, you will love it. No maintenance, no noise. Sunlight hits, magic happens, electricity comes out. Try to keep them from getting any shade on them. I'll bet you'll want 200 watts of PV for the fridge, and maybe another 50-100 for the rest of the boat. Depending on how well you insulate the fridge, and what temp you set it at, and how nice your compressor is, and where you are cruising, and how full it is, and you get the idea. Your mileage may vary. Did I mention insulating your fridge? Insulate your fridge! I know they come insulated, you want more. How much more? I don't know, more.
    - Scuba (I know it's an acronym, but capitalizing the whole thing looks weird to me). I wish I knew how to scuba. Maybe one day Ron can teach me, if I"m lucky. That will be a great way to make money cleaning boat bottoms. Especially up north, where it's less pleasant for people to jump in and do it themselves.

    Kick ass, take names, chew bubble gum!

    1. Hi Nate! Thanks for the info, we've certainly got our work cut out for us (and our wallet). So many options to choose from with everything. We have an ipad with iNavX that we currently use for navigation but will also be getting a chartplotter with radar...not sure how much I trust just an ipad for wear and tear on the boat. We'll be sparing our wallet as much as possible by doing the bottom paint ourselves, yippy ;) Will probably do Kyocera 250 solar panel. So you're saying we should beef up the insulation for the fridge, no?!?

      As far as the SCUBA (haha), you should get certified! Forget the money, it's just plain FUN to do!

      Thanks for reading!