Monday, September 8, 2014

Back In The Saddle

It's quickly approaching the time of year where nights are cooler, the morning takes longer and longer to warm up and you can tell fall is well on its way. The lake is quieter with fewer boats and one by one I'm putting on more layers to stay warm.

While waiting for the weather to warm up this past weekend (so we could finally sail again), Ron got busy replacing the water lines in the boat. We didn't know when they'd last been replaced and we'd had a couple times where there were gross little floaties in the water when you first turned on the faucet. Most of the lines looked pretty good, but there were parts that were definitely in need of a switcharoo. And guess what? No more floaties. Next up we just need to get a filter to catch any 'extras' that might be in the water and keep out that 'stale tank water' flavor.
Let's go with, "it's jus a little rust"
Afterwards we were rewarded with a fantastic sail on the big lake. Minus the raining of nasty, fat spiders when we raised the main, that is. I actually heard a couple fatties hit the cockpit floor when they fell. And much to Ron's side-eyed annoyance, I was not so graceful at keeping the bow pointed into the wind while dancing around falling spiders. Go figure.

With winds at 18kts, we reefed the main and only had out about 75% of the genoa and I know it's silly, but these conditions still make me nervous. Not for the boat but for the crew, I'm always worried Lexie will get sick or stir-crazy (and fall in) or that I'll do something dumb and really get us in a pickle.

But I'm happy to report that all was well and it was actually fun! I know that for a lot of people these winds are nu-thin but they aren't for me and I feel great that 1) we got out there and 2) that no major mishaps occured. We got to use our reefing system again and make a few little tweeks to make things easier in the future and I got some needed helm time. It turns out I need practice reading the wind and the waves simultaneously - according to Ron, but what does he really know anyhow?!?

And it really didn't hurt our mood when we were treated with perfect wind to sail all the way through the channel, Muskegon Lake and right onto the mooring!

Gosh, it felt good to get out sailing again! I just wish the fall would hold off a little longer...

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