Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DBL Vision is a Good Thing

This weekend we met up with Dave, a fellow sailor from Muskegon, who we first met on White Lake (when Ron was gawking at his boat), randomly ran into in Feyette (of all places) and have kept in touch with since. He and his wife are in the process of moving to the coast of North Carolina and he'd just taken his boat to the coast via the Erie Canal, same as we're planning to do.

He generously gave us a whole pile of cruising guides for the canal and East Coast, tons of great tips from his recent experience AND a few Garmin Blue Chart cards to use in the Garmin chartplotter we plan to buy this fall.

Cruising guides are very handy tools when traveling on the water, especially in unfamiliar areas. They show mile-by-mile navigation information and tips, aerial photos of marinas and routes, detailed marina listings with contact information and bridge tables, GPS waypoints and mileage charts. It's pretty easy to figure out where you are, but these guides also let you know what's coming and help make planning and plotting a course a lot easier. I like easy.

Add these to our existing pile of cruising guides from others and we've got a nice little stack started!

The generosity of the sailing community continues, and we look forward to paying it forward someday.

Thanks DBL Vision!!


  1. Awesome! Cruisers are so generous! I can't even begin to tally up all the "stuff" we've been given since we left town. It's insane. :) -Kim

    1. Pretty fabulous right?!?! Now I'm looking forward to the time when we have a few miles under our keel and we can help someone else out!