Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dock(ing) Queen

A fine docking job if I do say so myself
I've known for a while (since we got the boat) that I would need to learn how to get the boat on and off a dock. And I've dreaded it, but there's no getting around it, this is non negotiable.  Plus, after a particularly interesting dock experience we figured it might be best all around for me to learn to bring the boat in while Ron handles the lines and ties us off. At our marina there are no dockhands, and other than a random volunteer on shore from time to time, we're pretty much on our own when docking. And we're totally okay with that, we'd much rather be able to bring our boat in on our own and (gladly) accept help where/when it's available than needing help and not having it.

With the transient docks at the marina pretty much cleared out, no audience on hand and favorable winds there was no better time for a first attempt. I managed, with Ron's close supervision and instructions, to coast Hullabaloo right into the slip. A touch of reverse and BOOM, we're in! I just did that! Getting off the dock went just as well, albeit probably a little slow for Ron's taste.

Unfortunately for beginners (ie. ME), docking is just something you have to learn by doing, which also includes doing it wrong and making mistakes somewhere along the way. I just hope there aren't any large audiences or major damage WHEN they happen.

At the end of the day I didn't damage anything and I didn't injure anyone...that's a perfect docking day in my book! Now I just need to get more practice under my belt. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Even the witnesses survived
Thanks for the boat warming gift, moral support, pics and beer Mike and Linda!


  1. So SO awesome! I sadly still haven't tried. :((

    1. I wouldn't have tried either if it weren't for Ron pretty much telling me to do it. And I don't even want to think about when tides and currents come into play! :/

  2. Congratulations on your safe docking and undocking! It's something I still haven't done yet. Remember Matt's attempt to leave those docks our last night in Muskegon? haha. Too bad he had an audience.

    1. Really?? I thought you did most of it...wonder when I made that up in my mind! ;) Haha, I do remember that! Poor Matt! I'm sure my time will come too!