Monday, September 15, 2014

Put A Little Toothpaste On It

We've pretty much skipped fall and are into pre-winter around here. And I hate it. Why we even come out when it's windy, rainy and topping out in the 50s is beyond me, but we've done it before and we'll no doubt do it again. Feeble attempt to eek out a few more days on the boat before she comes out for the season I guess.

As is usual when the weather stinks and we're stuck inside, Ron gets bored and starts digging through lockers and pulling, pushing and investigating whatever he stumbles across. Sometimes he finds stuff we forgot we had. Like new port screens.


The old ones...Not very bug proof
We'd swapped out a couple screens when I commented how cloudy the port lenses were. They had a bad case of cloudiness that really hindered the view out of them. So naturally Ron got out the toothpaste and started smearing it all over one of them. Sure, there are products out there specifically designed for this purpose (for a cost of course), but actually, the toothpaste did a pretty good job and the lenses were much clearer afterwards. Not perfect but much better.

Ah, the power of toothpaste. This stuff is like vinegar; it has 97,837,530 uses but I only know about 3 of them.

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