Monday, October 6, 2014

Look What We Caught!

Maybe I should try pulling up the anchor more often. Last time I tried we managed to snag the chain of this little anchor. What are the chances?!? Okay, so it was out in front of the State Park where lots of people probably loose stuff, but still....what are the chances really?

It's way too small to use for the boat but it'll still work for a dinghy anchor. Assuming we can ever remember to put one in the dinghy that is.

I love finding burried treasure (it was in mud!)'s very pirate-y right? Maybe next time we can find something a little more useful and/or valuable!


  1. Good find, you're going to need a dinghy anchor!

  2. One of the best ideas I had on Satori was a lunch hook. I found a ten lb. Danforth type second hand. Wire brushed it and painted with white Rustoelum spray paint. Twenty five feet of 1/4in chain and 100ft of 1/2in braid. All on the stern so very convenient. It held our 20K lb. boat in winds below 20 Kts. For protected or short stops it was so easy to use.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'm not sure how much this anchor weighs but that sounds like a good option to try out at least :)

  3. We caught a 40 lb anchor and 88 ft of chain on our second anchoring ever. Not fun.

    I'm enjoying the blog - thanks for writing.