Monday, October 20, 2014

Putting The Baby To Bed...One Last Time

Sad. Sad. Sad.
The good news: We got to the boat this weekend!

The bad news: She's on the hard waiting for yet another cold winter to hit.

Down are all the sails, removed is all the canvas and secured and/or stowed are all the lines. HB is naked once again....but for the last time!!! That last bit may be the only thing that gets me through OUR LAST miserable winter.

The weather wasn't too terrible so Ron and I toughed it out, him in his work gloves, me in my hot pink fuzzy gloves that make me look like part Elmo.

I underestimated how many "freezables" we had aboard. Between the sunscreen, cleaning supplies, food and booze we were woefully under prepared in the bag department. We winterized the water lines, holding tank and water heater with anti-freeze and literally gave the v-berth cushions the 'ole heave-ho (the last of our cushions to be reupholstered this winter, which we can do now that we have our extra padding for it).

Long ago we decided to forgo the classy full-length tarp covering of 2013. The few pieces of tape that were on the hull were a nightmare to get off! Instead we've opted to go with a single tarp over the boom to protect the companionway from any ice/snow buildup that might then find it's way inside the boat.

Besides that, we still need to winterize the engine, but we're holding off  until the marina has a chance to complete their pre-trip survey of it. Hopefully they can report some news about how our 33 year old engine purrs like a kitten and runs like a Ferarri! That would really make my day.

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