Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sunset Dinghy Rides

Gosh do we love our sunset dinghy rides! Pack up a tasty beverage, maybe the dog and head on out and see who we run into and we've got a pretty perfect evening guaranteed.

The key is to getting comfy; we like to sit on a preserver on the floor, prop our feet up, lean on back and enjoy the scenery. Although I do like my space and being away from the crowd, sunset dinghy cruises wouldn't be as fun without people watching.

I love ghosting through the marinas, spying on boats and generally being nosy. Plus, watching the powerboats try to tie up and untie from the dock and seawall at one of the waterfront restaurants is pretty entertaining. Nothing against powerboaters, sailboats generally don't tie up here...but that could be entertaining too.

It's all about getting comfy. We like to sit on the floor on a life jacket, prop our legs up, lean on back and take it all in. And believe me, sometimes taking it all in can take a while. Especially when you run into a few familiars and get to chatting...the time just flies by. Of course we always pack our dinghy stern light and our spot light too. Dodging other boats in the dark on the way back to the boat, while a little nerve-wracking, is also a pretty fun way to end these outings (FYI- we've never had a close call by any means).

Until next year sunset dinghy rides...

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  1. Haha. We love them too!

    Sadly we just pulled our dinghy for the winter this weekend. No more until next year. :(

    Fair winds,