Tuesday, January 13, 2015

QALO: King of the Rings

Many cruisers wear alternative wedding rings or no rings at all when cruising, and for good reason. Wearing "flashy" jewelry (and it doesn't take much to be considered flashy in a lot of places) can draw unwanted attention to yourselves about your valuables that can make you a target for theft (the real form of piracy that could happen). Besides that, the environment could also make it easier to loose or damage rings. I don't know about you, but I love my rings and would be devastated if I lost or damaged them.
But the main reason why we've chosen to wear alternate rings is purely due to safety concerns. There are tons of things on a boat that can pose a hazard to ringed fingers like lines, gear and even handholds/ledges. The last thing we want to deal with is a broken/dislocated finger...or worse, much much worse. After doing a Google image search for "finger injuries from rings" (go on, I dare you to look --> very graphic), it should come as no surprise that we're not only going to wear different rings, but that we've also opted to go the non metal route as well.
Of course I had to go with pink
QALO rings are made from silicone so they have a bit of a stretch to them if pulled/caught. They are designed for active people who's lifestyles are impeded by wearing a traditional ring but those that don't want to go ring-less.

I like both of us wearing rings - wedding bands are sexy don't ya know!?! Just ask the cool guys who started the company. With the rings being extremely affordable (hello, $15 and $20 each), a lot safer and, let's face it, just plain cool I couldn't not get them. Plus, you can find the right size online by using your current ring, so easy.
Ron's ring
I wore mine around for a few days and it is comfy, I even slept with it on - something I never do with my normal ring! I kept forgetting that I had it on; showering, sleeping, lugging boxes around....this thing is fabulous.

We'll keep you posted on actual performance on the boat!


  1. How funny - I was just poking around on their site the other day! I didn't commit - but am considering. It's a great idea. Let us know how they work out for you!

    1. From wearing mine already I think they should work out great, but I'll cover specifics once we're actually on the boat with them :)

  2. Very smart...and cute. If we weren't leaving so soon I'd order some for us! Nice find!

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