Friday, January 2, 2015

Store, Sell or Scrap

No matter how hard you try, there is always an ever-increasing amount of stuff being collected, stored and squirreled away in a home. We're no exception and have a lot more stuff than I thought, or like to admit. So with that, Project Store, Sell or Scrap has been launched!

Getting rid of stuff we forgot we even had or laughing about still having isn't that stressful, actually it felt pretty good to see the clutter from under the stairs be organized (and cleaned) and quite appealed to my anti-clutter tendencies. Why do we still have a race car phone from 20 years ago? Or three bowling balls when neither of us has bowled in years? Or a toaster oven that has never been used? Oy. All in all, we did pretty good! We kept a couple of (now) empty totes, a box of Christmas paraphernalia, a wedding memories box, our dive gear/bag and some of Ron's good hunting gear.

While this was only a sampling of the thinning out to be done throughout the rest of the house, I have a feeling that this was the easy part, and a good place to start. Once we start getting in to things from school or dating or mementos that we got on our honeymoon or on vacations, items we were given to us or made by family members, I think that's where it won't be so fun.

So we're easing our way into it, one area at a time thinking that it may be a little more friendly on us. And maybe, just maybe we can avoid rocking a massive dumpster in our driveway to dispose of all our junk. I'm dreaming aren't I? Yeah, probably. I may be a dreamer, but at least I'm a dreamer that's doing. And we.are.doing.this.
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  1. Do you read Tammy Kennon's blog, Plodding in Paradise? She's got lots of fun stories about downsizing, and she did quite a bit before moving aboard.

    1. "Fun" stories! Gosh, it's hard to find the fun in downsizing, yes? The good news is there is an end to it. We sailed away in 2010 leaving nothing behind on land. I've gathered all my downsizing posts by labeling:

      I really hope this helps you. That's why I blogged our entire pre-cruising experience, to leave a blueprint. GOOD LUCK! --Tammy

    2. Thanks Tammy, I'll check it out!

  2. Good Luck! It can be a challenge. We started about 2 years prior to selling our house. Lots of ebay time, craig's list and more junk than you can imagine. We had close to 15 cubic yards of stuff that was such junk I wouldn't even donate it. We probably donated 4 truck loads of stuff. The guys at Goodwill knew me by name.

    In the end it was all so worth it. We ended up with 4 totes of the stuff we couldn't part with that we put in my Dad's basement. Mostly pictures, gifts and mementos. We have a small 5'x5' storage area that is mostly filled with boat parts that I have been slowly installing or figuring out where to store on the boat.

    Can't wait to here that it's all done and you guys are ready to cruise.

    Fair winds,


  3. We just went through this. For the past two years, we have been getting rid of stuff getting ready for the big sailing thing. For sure, garage sales are NOT the way to go. People tried to offer us a $1 for something like a gas patio heater where we were asking $40. They would give us a glare when we would just say "no thanks". Ebay works best. Craig's list was so so. We found that in most cases the tax deduction for the charitable contribution yielded the most for us.

    It was a very difficult process for us so you have our sympathy. Our friends would tell us to just get rid of stuff. Other cruisers would tell us we would feel a sense of enlightenment. Not true. We worked hard for our stuff and lived a frugal but comfortable lifestyle. We made very few impulse or frivolous purchases and therefore selling some items was hard. We have a bright orange 1973 VW Convertible Beetle in mint condition. We have had it for 30 years. This is an emotionally hard item to part with. But, like everything else, it has to go. Good luck.

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    1. Thanks for the info. I think we'll save the garage sale for one of the last means of getting rid of stuff, whatever doesn't go there we'll donate. Also, I've heard a lot from others about the garage sale websites that are very popular so we may give that a try as well. I'm not too attached to much of our stuff (at least I don't think so) but I'm sure there will be some stress involved in the process :)

  4. Yay! You're started! That was the hardest part for us - to get started just doing it. I'm having some luck selling things on FB, actually. I created and Event and list things - that way friends and family have first dibs on things and we know it goes to good homes. They also know why we're selling, so seem more willing to part with the amount we're asking for the items. Less bartering from best friends! Good luck and keep us updated :)