Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Superstitious Shenanigans on Hullabaloo

As you can see, some people take their superstitions VERY seriously!
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I've seen multiple cruising blogs recently talking about superstitions on board that they subscribe to. My initial response was, "we don't have any, what could I contribute on the topic?". Then I was contacted by LOOK Insurance who have launched their latest project which aims to  collect superstitions that sailors still follow so they can, get this, make and animated video displaying the results! How fun right?

On Hullabaloo we really don't have many superstitions that we follow; we've left on a Friday, we regularly have bananas on the boat and the whole 'no women on a boat' went out the window a long time ago since all of this cruising business was mostly my idea. If we have one thing going for us, it's that neither of us whistle much; me because I can't to save my life and Ron because it's just not a habit for him. Gotta take what you can get sometimes.
2 out of 3 isn't bad...I hope
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There is one thing, however, that I am wary of even if it's in my own mind. I don't like to discuss or talk about how good/bad/unexpected/etc. current conditions are. I have no idea where this came from other than the deep, dark trenches of my own mind but I, nonetheless, stick pretty strictly to this practice. I'm more inclined to say how nice of a day it is, especially if we're just out for a day sail, but I don't like to verbally compare current weather to that of the forecast. We've had far too many times when the forecast is wrong and conditions are harrier than expected and something about talking about that just doesn't sit right in my belly. I guess it feels like challenging the weather gods when we say, "these don't look like two footers" or "boy, what happened to the 15 knots forecasted?". Not a good idea. Afterwards you can chat about it all you want, I guess weather smack-talk in the past tense is totally okay??

Besides, actually investing in and following the massive amount of sailing superstitions could put a real damper on the sailing experience, if you can even get out to sail! You gotta do what works for you where superstitions are concerned I guess.

If you want to put your 2 cents in with your sailing superstitions all you have to do is go to their survey and answer all of FOUR questions and you might see your superstitions come to life in the video!

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