Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Poop Deck

Since it became THE year that we leave I've been asked by at least 10 people, "but where/how will your dog go to the bathroom?". To that I simply reply, "the poop deck, it's a real thing", I get some pretty strange looks from it, but it's the truth nonetheless. Except in our case, the poop deck isn't referring to an aft/rear cabin top/deck.

Oh, no....our poop deck has a more literal name, and will, if all goes as planned, actually have......poop on it at some point (pleasant right???). A simple little rinse-down when she's done and voila, you've got yourself a perfectly good poop deck!

Admittedly, we were supposed to start training Lexie to go on the boat last summer, but it didn't happen. So our fast and loose plan involves taking her to shore when we can and letting her get desperate enough to go on the boat when we can't.
The name of the deck, not an order or a specific finding
Image here

We've heard about all the astro turf and puppy pads that people use to train their dogs to go on a boat, but we've also heard a lot of stories of failure and wasted money so we're not investing our moolah there. We do have some pieces of old carpet that we may try to get her acclimated to though.
If only she were a little smaller...
Image here
Ideally, I would like to have something that she feels comfortable enough to go on then we can set it where we want her to go. Depending on conditions, she may need to go in the cockpit instead of going up on the deck. Although it might be kind of funny to watch her try to balance and go in bumpy conditions, we certainly would not want her to fall overboard at any point walking around on deck! We like a good laugh, but that might be a bit much.

That's how it goes down in my head, we'll see how much of a potty-retraining-circus we really encounter.


  1. As a seasoned public health expert I'm sure you will figure it out! RT

  2. Raindog just covered this subject yesterday, but their Scupper is just a little wisp of a thing. Ken


  3. I want a toilet puppy, that thing is adorable!