Monday, February 16, 2015

Boat Cards!

Wouldn't it be great if, instead of repeatedly scribbling down names, blogs and email addresses for people you meet out cruising (or people back home), there was something already made up with all the needed details that you could just give them? 

In case you didn't make the connection there is such a thing...boat cards. Whoever started this particular trend is nothing short of a genius and now boat cards are as common on cruising boats as dinghies and chartplotters, which just makes socializing and keeping in touch that much easier. 

You might think that ordering boat cards four months early is a bit premature, but they can actually be very practical during the final phases of cruising prep as well. The closer we get to leaving the more people ask us how they can stay in touch and/or follow along on our trip. Now all we need to do is hand out a card and they have everything they need to stay in touch!

Not bad for the first go around
You simply can't turn down a good Vista Print sale and 250 cards for $18 is a pretty great deal!! Especially considering we 'splurged' for a glossy finish on the front and a picture on the back. 

There you have it; if you meet us along the way, and find us tolerable, you just might find yourself in possession of one of these bad boys!


  1. What if I meet up with you along the way, but I don't find you tolerable. Can I still have one?