Friday, February 6, 2015

Internet Access: Not Going Cold Turkey


Over here at Skelton Crew, we're really not internet-aholics. Sure, we fiddle around on our phones a little but most of the time I'm so sick of being on a computer all day at work that the last thing I want to do is fire mine up at home...unless I'm chatting with long lost (ie. cruising) friends...or playing spider....but that's another addiction for another intervention story.

We plan to spend a lot of time out exploring and enjoying the new scenery and experiences that make the cruising lifestyle so appealing, part of the adventure after all is about getting away, disconnecting and getting a new perspective, which we absolutely plan to do. But we also want to stay in touch with family and friends- and keep the blog active of course. So we're not going internet-less in a cold turkey fashion.  
Don't get me started, pretty sad, really.
To avoid the cold turkey withdrawals we plan to bring our wifi hotspot with us, at least for the first few months while we're still in the US*. We've had this handy dandy little hot spot through AT&T for a few years and overall it's pretty slick, a little finicky at times, but still slick.

We pack it up and take it with us on the boat so we have internet when 'needed', even if we travel somewhere fairly remote. If there's an AT&T signal, we've got internet!
Our particular model

There will, no doubt, be areas that we won't have any signal, but we also won't have to worry about finding an open signal or hoofing it to a restaurant every time we want some virtual socialization early on in our travels.

And hey, if it doesn't work we cancel the plan and actually go cold turkey. If we can't survive that, we have a lot bigger issues to deal with.

What's everyone else doing/done/planning to do? Is our current plan a complete harebrain idea?

*Once outside the US we plan to use a cell phone, loaded with a local data plan, as our hotspot - where signal is available anyway.

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