Thursday, March 19, 2015

Don't Be A Wuss, Use A Woss

The Woss Trainer
Image here
Let's be honest, for the most part sailing is not what I would call physically demanding or qualify as a form of exercise. Sure there are times where you're balancing, climbing and otherwise using some muscles but for the most part you set the sails, tinker a little bit and let the wind do the work. And these activities surely won't burn off the calories we plan to eat and drink. Oh, no, we're going to need something a little more intense for all those calories (hello- 80% of all rum is made in the Carib!).

We're by no means fitness addicts (at.all.) but we do like to be active and healthy. Okay fine, I only like to be active when the weather is warm. Whatever. But to me part of being healthy (when the weather is warm) means being fit. I like feeling strong and capable and having energy to enjoy and explore the places we'll visit.

The problem is space. Space on the boat for storage. Space on/off the boat to do the activity. Space.

Suspension trainers seem to be all the rage these days, and are especially popular with people living on boats. I've heard great things about the TRX system but couldn't stomach shelling out $200 for one. We found the Woss System not only comparable to the TRX but at a much more affordable price of $40. Plus it comes in lots of fun colors. Ron ordered ours so we have the boring brown, I would have preferred the pink or purple models but you can't always have everything. Boring brown it is.
There are a ton of exercise options to try
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Everything fits into this nice little mesh bag
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Image here
 The system can really be used anywhere there is something overhead to strap it to. Like a tree. Or a mast. We have a nice area on the front of the boat that I think will work nicely.

In case you're wondering....

What I think I'll look like working out on the boat:
Image here
Image here
What I'll actually look like:
What I'll actually look like
Image here
Don't say I didn't warn you :)

I think practicing a little at home before getting the Woss on the boat would be a good idea. I don't think people would buy my I-know-what-I'm-doing-I'm-a-fitness-model facade if they saw me throw myself overboard while working out.

Ever used a suspension system? Any other ideas to keep the booze blubber at bay?


  1. Im actually certified to teach TRX. But I do not look like your images above! it IS a fantastic workout, though. One more reason for us to play together if we ever are in the same port :)

    1. Then I bet you could show me some good moves! I played around with ours for a few minutes yesterday and I can feel it today. As if we needed another reason to need to get together if/when we make it to the same area! ;)